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Stop building mosques
By:Saeed Siddiq, Pakistan
Date: Sunday, 23 December 2018, 1:49 am

1.......‚ÄčOur Mulla community has deliberately cornered Islam to 'Puja Pat' rituals more to divide and rule us and to promote Shirk and Bidah mentioned below instead of condemning it.
2.......Their favorite hobby is to build Masjid and theological Madressahs mostly illegal in Pakistan with a false promise of Jannah to donors.
3......They have made Islam, a complete way of life/Deen (5:3) into a Mazhab/theology/mythology to promote their religious domination on us as our priests/Pujaris/Bishops /Monks to lead prayers and make special Dua as our 'bogus' Wasila to Allah.
4......That is why Allah has strictly prohibited priesthood (57:27/9:31,34) as all humans are directly linked to their Creator/Allah and are equally responsible and accountable for their deeds and misdeeds, Shirk and Bidah, sins and evils, un Islamic customs and practices etc. Hence any Muslim can lead prayers/Namaz.
5......Those who disbelieve and deny Holy Quranic Guidance will go to Hell (5:10).
6......Those who disbelieve and don't follow Holy Quran 'entirely' will go to Hell (2:39). Please don't corner Islam to Puja Pat rituals only.
7.....Islam gives priority to academic education/Iqra (96:1-5) so that the Muslims become well educated to read, understand and follow Allah's Guidance on all matters of life to achieve Allah's Blessings.
8.....Call, follow and make Dua/Ilteja directly (after Namaz) to Allah alone who has no associate/Shareek/Wasila/intercessor /intermediary etc. 7:3,194/13:14/17:22/39:14. Hence avoid making DUA after Namaz behind the Masjid Imams or requesting any body to make Dua for you.
9.....Allah says that Masajid should be Taqwa/piety based (not 'division' based) managed by righteous persons who fear Allah only and believe in Day of Judgement and establish prayers and give Zakat to needy persons (9:17-18,107-108).
10.....Never hide the Truth (2:42). Always uphold Truth.
11.....Our Prophet is closer to all Muslim believers and his wives are our mothers. And the blood relatives are more closer to each other than non-relatives and require good and just treatment (33:6/8:75).
12.....For performance of Wudu, wash your face and your hands to the elbows, rub your head and your feet to the ankles (5:6). Hence we should avoid wasting water with loud mouth wash, nostril wash noise and other excesses so common among us to impress and disturb others.
13.....The worst people are those who do not use their brains to understand but remain deaf and dumb (8:22) to get exploited. Always use your brain against religious exploitation by Mullas.
14....Allah asks us to uphold the TRUTH and not to go beyond it and follow the Holy Quran and avoid committing excesses and over-acting in religious matters and rituals/Faraiz and not to follow the misguidance of such people who have gone astray from the Right Path of Allah (4:171/5:77).
15....Allah strictly prohibited our noble Prophet from adopting Islam as a wage/money earning profession/livelihood (6:90/12:104/16:95/25:57) as this is a Fi Sabil Illah voluntary work to achieve Allah's Blessings.
16....Allah says none and not even our Prophet can change/amend or deviate from His specific Guidance/Mohukamath (3:7) except preaching, projecting and following Islam, a complete Deen (5:3) and guiding the erring and deviated humanity and warning the non-believers/Kafirs to come to the Right Path of Allah (10:15,64,94-95,109/18:27/24:54/25:1,56/33:2,62/46:9).

17........Allah says that those Mullas (Alims/scholars/Moulvis/Muftis/Masjid Imams) who hide or conceal the Truth of Quranic Guidance/Mohukamath (3:7) of a complete Deen (5:3) from being projected:
....And mix Quranic Truth with falsehood (like projecting weak and fabricated man-written Hadiths, tales, stories, sayings, traditions not in accordance with the Holy Quran, conflicting Arabic history after demise of our Prophet etc.) to keep us religiously backward, confused and deviated:
....And make a livelihood by adopting Islam as a wage/money earning profession will go to Hell:
(2:41-42,159,174-175/6:90/9:34/16:95/56:82) as this is a Fi Sabi Illah voluntary work to achieve Allah's Blessings.

Boldly avoid such commercial Mullas. Please give copies of this to all 'commercial' Mullas and ask them to project/promote all Quranic Mohukamath in their speeches/Khitabs instead of vague long speeches to confuse us. Thanks.

Moulvi Saeed Siddique