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By:Dr Shabbir, Florida
Date: Tuesday, 18 December 2018, 1:06 am


Al-Hamdulillah, by 2014, more than seventy million men and women around the world have seen the Truth through Ourbeacon and they have been liberated from Number Two Islam including all forms of *JIBT. *Please see JIBT below.

Your own Mission is the first ever effective voice highlighting some very significant points. Only a few examples will be given here.
[Humbly speaking, your brother Shabbir Ahmed, M.D. has a masters in Islamic Studies from the Madinah University and Al-Azhar, without absorbing the Arab theology]

- QXP: THE QUR’AN AS IT EXPLAINS ITSELF is the only rendition of the Book done in full public view on our forum, 2001-2003.
- Ulema are scientists, not Mullahs, says the Qur’an. (See 35:27-29)
- The "Five Pillars of Islam" is man-made.
- Namaaz is only a small part of ‘Aqaamat-is-Salaat’. The consistent methodology of five daily prayers cannot be found in the Qur’an and all the books of Hadith combined.
- Religious and social restrictions on women during their physiological cycles are man-made. Allah forbids only the intimate husband-wife relationship during menstruation. N2Is exclude women from studying the Qur’an, praying, fasting, Hajj & Umra and even touching the "Islamic" books or rosary beads. Strict N2Is won’t allow them to sit together on a sofa or bed and even stop them from going to the kitchen.
- Contrary to the Mullah claims, all Ahadith combined together (1.4 million) fail to give us the tafseer (explanation) of even 5% of the Qur’an.
- Most of the "Imams" of Hadith and History were “Mughbachas”, passive and active agents.
- Karbala is nothing but fiction and so are the 'battles' of Jamal (between Ayesha r.a & Ali r.a.), Siffin (Mu'awiyah r.a. & Ali r.a.) and Nehrwan (Ali r.a. & Kharjis). [“Afsaana-e-Karbala” by Mirza Hairat Dehlawi, and many other sources]
- Very obviously, the use of microphones in Masjids is a frank violation of the 'Sunnah' and human rights by creating noise nuisance for the neighborhood, especially for non-Muslims.
- The Compassionate Qur’an condemns only those who eat up usury and not the poor needy that are exploited to fall for it.
- Beard is an Imamist and cultural trait. Even non-Muslims and the enemies of the exalted Prophet used to keep beards.
- Hijab, Niqab and Burqa are not ordained in the Qur’an.
- The food of the People of the Book is permissible except what has been expressly forbidden, such as pork.
- Ourbeacon dug out a concealed Hadith, “La Talaqa Fil Ighlaaq” (There is no divorce in suddenness or under duress.) – [Ibn Majah']
- Divorce can take place only by following the elaborate Qur’anic procedure.
- Hadith "La Ghoul": There is no such thing as demons, witches, wizards, fairies, devs, or haunted houses and people. Jinn only means nomads.
- "Nasharah" (Exorcism) is Satan’s handiwork (Hadith) - Demon possession of people and the pretense of expelling them (exorcism) is Satanic. 'Aamils, Pirs and Durveshes curing or claiming to change people's fate or fortune are all fraud.
- Ourbeacon proved through intensive research that the Battles of Jamal, Siffin, Nehrwan and Karbala never happened.
- What is JIBT in 4:51? False doctrines = ‘Occult’ sciences, baseless mysteries, magic, future-telling, astrology, clairvoyance, evil eye, good and bad omens, amulets, dream interpretation, and prophecies, palm-reading, soothsaying, superstitions of all kind, jinn, ghosts or demon-possession of people, exorcism, blowing verses and senseless words on people or in food and drink, counting names on rosaries, giving away lucky numbers. JIBT exists only in the minds of tricksters and their superstitious victims.
- What is TAGHOOT in 4:51? Any forces claiming or believed to have Divine powers = Evil humans who try to play god with their tyranny or treachery = Satan = Satanic people = Those who exploit people as religious leaders = Priests, Monks, Yogis = Mullahs and Sufis of any religion.
- Ourbeacon highlighted that the Qur’an exempts from Saum (Abstinence, fasting) those who can undergo it with much difficulty. [2:183] You will find the translators twisting and turning with this plain verse.
- The Namaazis are the biggest violators of human rights. They would leave important meetings, abandon a hungry or soiled child and an elderly suffering alone for their Namaaz. Please see: Who Conspired against Salaat?
- Mount Sinai never crumbled into dust. It is still standing 7,300 feet high today. See Mullahs wrestling with this verse. [QXP 7:143]
- Wives are not tilths or farmlands. Women (Nisaa) in the society are the custodians of future generations. [See 2:223]
- Hajj is enjoined upon the representatives of the entire humanity and not on Muslims alone. [3:96-97]
- What the real marriageable age is: Ability to grant free consent, sign a solemn contract and fitness to handle own financial matters, men and women both. Mullahs determine the marriageable age by two senseless criteria: Beginning of menstruation in a girl and nocturnal emissions in a boy.
- Contrary to Muslim clergy, the punishment for rape is clearly given in the Qur’an. [33:59-62]
And much more! We continuously hear strongly affirmative voices from all parts of the world, Al-Hamdulillah! The N2I is being decimated globally.