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Beware of "Imams"!
By:Gulshan Alawi, UAE
Date: Monday, 17 December 2018, 11:31 pm

We the converts always get shocked by the opinions and suggestions that implies that Muslims are ignorant of Islam and not aware of the general health and social issues and its causes or how to keep away from it. And dropping the blame on the Masjid Imams.
Such opinions are absolutely absurd showing the hatred of Islam and its practices.

Majority of the ethnic nations and Muslims are aware of the ethics and moral values. As taught in their cultures. Non-Muslims have the most strict rules about moral values as their cultural way of life- and so Muslims who follow the sharia law.

There isn't a single Muslim even non-Arabic speaking, who is not fully aware of Sharia Law of Halal and Harram.
Even if they don't read the Quran but knows a lot about the moral values and 2 H..
They also read the Quran, and listen to the Khutba about Islam and know what is in the Quran..Even the ordinary house wives knows A-Z about Islam and perfect in their preaching to the women.

Most of the disease and health news are on the TV Screen and in the Newspapers. Have you seen a home without a TV set?

So it is absurd to suggest that Masjid Imams should teach about such things. It seems some have a problem with Masjid Imams and always speaking against them showing hatred of them. As well as hatred of Madrassah, and Masjids. That is displayed in your previous emails.
If you were Muslims then you would never ever criticize Madrassah and Masjids or Arabic Quran reading. Only the kufars and fake Muslims hate Masjids, Madrasah and 5 pillars of Islam.
Knowing about 2 H. is knowing about everything illegal, offensive and harmful.

If Muslims don't know about 2 H. -Halal and Harram then you know they are not Muslims but fake Muslims.

Just like us. We were fake Muslims not long ago. We had no idea about Halal and Haram, as we never knew about Islam, Allah, or the Quran.

All of that was concealed from us by the fake Imam Agakhan an atheist. Who claimed to be khuda-god and ordered us to worship him only and obey him only and pay him (Welfare cheque) every month 12 % of our monthly income, plus every month pay him for forgiveness of Sins on a night of Chaand Raat celebration, then to pay him for safe travelling, for happiness, for good business, for a birth of a Son, etc. Selling to us a sip of water-holy Nyaz and a teaspoon of cooked Semolina as 'Prasad', continuing the Hindu religious rituals including the singing of Hindu Bhajan.
Moreover, selling the tickets costing 25, 000 for the last Heaven, or to enter one of the 6 Heavens owned by him as his claim. We the dumb ones obeyed him as obedient slaves of Slave Master the Dajjal.

So the critics of Masjids, Madrassah, and Muslims should change their ways and stop the hatred of Islam and Muslims and spread Islam to the real ignorant ones who don't even know who Allah is. Give some lessons to the fake Imam and tell him lying is a great sin and cheating innocent people and looting their blood money is the way of Shaytan evil.

Work out what is more dangerous? To preach Islam, Masjid Imams teach about Islam and Quran etc.
Or concealing Islam, and Quran and fight against Allah and Islam?