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Some golden principles
By:Farid Randhawa, Lahore
Date: Wednesday, 12 December 2018, 5:33 pm

WHEN MONEY IS LOST NOTHING IS LOST , WHEN HEALTH IS LOST SOME THING IS LOST BUT WHEN CHARACTER / CREDIBILITY IS LOST ,ALL IS LOST.........WHAT A LOSS ! at a time , with our ages , as it is said that our one foot is already in the grave .

Justice delayed is justice denied , selective justice is injustice and justice done must also appear to have been done.We appear to fail in all these test marks.

Love and respect is commanded and not demanded, authority and strength is derived and not taken, privileges are earned and not taken for granted, good relations are cultivated and nourished and not dictated. The best guarantees for us to retain the positions we are occupying, are in the deliverance of the optimum of what we could and ought to provide and that is satisfactory to the populations.

Let us thus be self respected and self regulated.