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Contribution of Monotheistic believers to science
By:Ahmed Noman (Dhaka & Montreal)
Date: Wednesday, 12 December 2018, 4:59 am

Believe in One Universal God is a concept of utmost importance in the Qur'an. The World was in a dark age in most of the first millennium AD. The Muslim philosophers and scientists rescued the world and put it on the track during the medieval era that would eventually lead to the modern era. Some ascribe the downfall of Islamic golden age to Mullahs of bigot, primitive mindsets. The politics and manipulation of the West are other factors of its demise some argue.

Had Muslims continued what they achieved at the early age of Islam, they would have been undisputed leaders of this Modern Age. But I'm hopeful that in fifty, one or two hundred years or more, Muslims world will undergo reformation since it has reached its lowest bottom now and eventually take over the intellectual leadership again.

Anyway, my point is something different. Even though Muslims faltered at some stage, Christians and Jews have continued it until Today. Still, 86% Nobel laureates from 1901 to 2000 are Monotheistic.

It can be safely said that from the end of ancient times to the modern era, the believers of One God have led the science and intellectual achievement.

One may say Christianity is a heretic Monotheism since it assigns divinity to Jesus. But Christians still believe that the universe was created and is maintained by One God.

The historical contribution of Hinduism and Buddhism to science was insignificant though they consisted a substantial part of the world population. They are still not doing much better than Muslims at present. Only 1.9% of total Nobel laureates are Hindus and Buddhists from 1901 to 2000.

Some modern thinkers say Buddhism is very scientific because Buddhists do not believe in any gods or God and do not believe in prayers. While it's funny that they still believe in perpetual rebirth and supernatural beings akin to gods and other amazing fairy tales.

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