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The Criminal "Imam" Ghazali
By:Dr Shabbir, Florida
Date: Tuesday, 11 December 2018, 8:53 pm
In Response To: Downfall of Islam & "Imam" Ghazali (Dr Shabbir, Florida)

From my book: THE CRIMINALS OF ISLAM www.Ourbeacon.com library.


Kimiya-e-Sa’adat (“The Alchemy of Grace”) is supposedly the masterpiece of "Hujjatul Islam" Hazrat Abu Hamid Imam Ghazali. Mullahs and Sufis have promoted this work for centuries as a fountain of knowledge. The book used here for reference purposes is from Madina Publishing Company, M.A. Jinnah Road, Karachi, Pakistan. The translator is "Maulana" Maulvi Khateeb Azam Aalijanaab Muhammad Saeed Ahmed Naqshbandi Saheb, Khateeb Masjid Data Ganj Bakhsh, Lahore. January 1986.

A woman of bad lineage is always of foul character. Therefore, it is one of the cardinal rules to abstain from marrying such women. (Pg 261). Shah Waliullah explains bad lineage as dark complexion. Ghazali here not only violates a basic commandment of the Quran: “The best among you is the one best in conduct”, but also hits women and acquits men.

Let not your humor take away your fear from the wife. A wife should forever remain a concubine to her husband. Seek advice from women but always do against it. If a man leaves his women free to themselves, they will cross all limits. Stop her from going out of home to the best of your ability. Do not let her go to the door, on top of the house or peek from the window. Tribulations begin from the windows, ventilators, the roofs and doors. (Pg 263)

The Prophet and his companions once returned from a journey at night. He commanded them not to go to their homes. Two of the companions disregarded the command and saw evil work going on at their homes. (Pg 264)

Hazrat Umar had advised men not to let women dress decently so that they would stay at home. If they dress nicely, they would love to go outside (and display their charms). (Pg 264)

A blind man came to the house of the Prophet. Hazrat Ayesha and other women were sitting there but they did not go away saying that he was blind. The Prophet said, “If he is blind, are you blind too?” (Pg 264)

Here is a direct assault on the character of the Prophet (S) on the ‘authority’ of Bukhari. When the mother of believers, Saudah, became older, the Prophet thought of divorcing her. She urged the Messenger of Allah, “I give my nights to the young Ayesha. Please do not divorce me.” Upon hearing this, the Prophet began spending two nights a week with Ayesha. (Pg 265). Ghazali + Bukhari = Disaster.

Dear reader, please note that our Mullah insists on calling Ghazali, “The Testimony of Islam”! Even an ordinary man would hesitate to inflict such cruelty upon his wife as Ghazali and Bukhari attribute to the noble Prophet.

The exalted Prophet told Zaid bin Harith, “You are my brother and my maula (master).” Zaid started dancing in ecstasy. (Pg 419). An apologetic defense has been written on behalf of Ghazali in this context in Malfoozat Makki: “Maula” could also mean a slave. But in that case, there was no reason for Zaid to rejoice because, reportedly, he had been a slave of the Prophet before. Malfoozat Makki also states that Zaid rejoiced because he had given his wife Zainab to the Prophet!

The Messenger of Allah said, “No work is dearer to Allah than remaining hungry and thirsty. Its reward is equal to that of those who fight with Kaafirs.” Salaat, Saum, and service to humanity do not come close to self-denial. (Pg 483)

 For centuries, Islamic priesthood has promoted self-denial, rahbaniyat (asceticism) as great piety. The Prophet (S) admonished, “There is no asceticism in Islam.” (Several sources). The Quran (28:77) commands not to forget our portion in this world. You will note that non-Muslims are delighted with ascetics because their philosophy takes away the vitality of Islam.

A saint correctly said, “I am not scared of a lion, as I am scared of a boy under puberty because of lust.” (Pg 497)

Prophet David fell because of his eye (and committed adultery with his neighbor’s wife). (Pg 497). The Quran confirms that all Prophets had a spotless character.

Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq used to carry pebbles in his mouth so that he would not speak. (Pg 505). Hazrat Abu Bakr was the noblest ruler/caliph of the Islamic Empire. Someone should have put pebbles in Ghazali’s mouth.

It is highly tragic that stories of this kind are being taught in the ‘Islamic’ schools and Masjids. This is absolutely not the Islam Muhammad (S) brought to this world. In the words of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Muslims are following a man-made religion. Allama Sir Iqbal called it Ajami (foreign) Islam. Allama Inayatullah Khan Al-Mashriqi named it “Maulvi Ka Ghalat Mazhab” (The Mullah’s Wrong Religion). I have chosen to call it The Number Two Islam (N2I). According to Allama Iqbal, the primary reason for the creation of Pakistan was to replace this Ajami Islam with the true Islam that Prophet Muhammad had brought.

 It is easy to see that The Number Two Islam is the fundamental cause of the universal downfall of Muslims. The True Islam is very much alive and vibrant in the Glorious Quran, if only the Muslims would turn to it.

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