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Downfall of Islam & "Imam" Ghazali
By:Dr Shabbir, Florida
Date: Tuesday, 11 December 2018, 8:46 pm
In Response To: Downfall of Islam discussed by secular scientists (Ahmed Noman (Dhaka & Montreal))

Dear brother, Salamun alaikum!

They are right. "Imam" Ghazali was one of the top Criminals of Islam.


Being a ‘great’ Mullah and Sufi at the same time, Mullah Ghazali wins the trophy of “Two-in-One”.

Hujjatul Islam ‘Imam’ Muhammad Abu Hamid Ghazali is supposed to be one of the top Mullahs and Sufis of the Islamic world. His ‘greatest’ works are Ehyaul ‘Uloom (The Renaissance of All Knowledge) and Kimiya-e-Sa’adat (The Alchemy of Grace).

Ehyaul ‘Uloom Vol 2, being used here for reference purposes, was printed by Maktaba Rahmania, Urdu Bazaar, Lahore-2, Zahid Bashir Printers, and translated by Hazrat "Maulana" Muhammad Ehsan Saheb Siddiqui Nanotwi. The Urdu title inside appears as ‘Mazaaqul Aarifain’ (The Aesthetics of Those Who Know). While no date is given, the translator’s poetry at the end shows it as 1286 AH (1866 CE). This is an error since Urdu books of this quality were never printed in the 19th century. So, the correct date is probably 1386 A.H. = 1966 CE. It is ironic that the very title of the book translates as "The Renaissance of All Knowledge." As we proceed, it might occur to you that the proper title should have been, "The Demise of Common Sense." ‘Imam’ Ghazali is a classical example of our Mullahs and Sufis not only forsaking the Quran, but going directly against it and trying to cancel it out. You will see this deplorable fact in his books. Let us examine the heights of TWO-IN-ONE his flight.


Note: As an example, 2:53 will mean Vol 2 Pg 53.

After finishing your meal, licking the cup or plate and drinking the washings brings the reward of freeing a slave. Eating the pieces of food on the dining cloth will bring a good life, your children will be healthy and it will become the marital gift for the (houris) heavenly beauties. (2:13). Are the heavenly beauties such a trivial bargain? Ghazali won’t get one anyhow.

The best among my friends is the one who overeats and places big morsels in his mouth. (Imam Ja’far Sadiq quoted by Ghazali, 2:15).

Cattle meat is disease and its milk is cure. (2:36). Then the Quran must have forbidden cattle for consumption.

Hazrat Ali said, “Start your food with a breakfast of salt and Allah will remove seventy afflictions. Eating halwa (pancake like stuff) and sweets causes the testicles to dangle.” (2:36). Strangely enough, it is hard to come across a Mullah who is not terribly fond of ‘halwa’ and sweets.

The best prescription for good health is to marry young women. Never marry women who are not very young. (2:37)

Men of knowledge sleep on their right side, kings sleep on their left, and Satan sleeps with his face down. (2:39)

Going for a bath without breakfast and then delaying breakfast will kill a person. I will be surprised if he survives. (Ghazali quoting Imam Shafi’i, 2:39). There are no surprises in life for the mindless.

Sahabi Ma’az bin Jabl was dying of Plague. He said, "Get me married because I hate to meet with Allah while I am single.” (2:42). Ah! The poor woman, marrying for instant widowhood!

The Prophet said that a piece of rug lying in a corner of the house is better than a woman who is infertile. (2:48)

There is a Hadith that a dark woman who bears children is better than a beautiful woman who bears no children. (2:49). Did you notice dark used as a synonym for ugly?

On (2:52) Ghazali goes on to say, “When a man’s organ is in erection, two thirds of his mind and two thirds of his religion have departed from him.” This is the wisdom and expression of our “Hujjatul Islam” (The Testimony of Islam) Hazrat Imam Abu Hamid Ghazali!

Junaid Baghdadi used to say, “I need sex as much as I need food.” (2:53)

On (2:53) Ghazali insults the exalted Messenger thus: He came out of his house. On his way he saw a woman. The Messenger turned back at once, went inside his house and had sex with Zainab. Then he came out and said, “Whenever a woman comes in front, she comes in the form of a Satan.” How on earth did Ghazali or any one else come to know that the Prophet (S) did such a thing? Did the Prophet and his followers have no sense of privacy and decency? Did they live in glass houses? Our historians try to portray the noble Prophet spending half of his time on the prayer rug and the other half in bed. This was the most remarkable man who changed the course of history in two decades, and ushered in the most benevolent revolution the world has seen until his followers abandoned his glorious teachings in the Book revealed to him. Was he (S) so obsessed with sex as these Mullahs are?

Hazrat Umar Farooq used to break his fast (not by eating or drinking), but by having sexual intercourse. During Ramadhan, he used to have intercourse with three concubines before Salaat-il-Isha (the night prayers). (2:54)

Imam Hasan used to divorce four women and marry four others at the same hour. He married more than 200 wives. That is why the Prophet said, “Hasan is from me.” (2:55). According to the Prophet (S) the most undesirable among permissible acts is divorce.

There he goes again: The Messenger (S) complained to the angel Gabriel of his impotence. Gabriel advised “Harissa” (an herb). Ghazali and Ibnil Qayyim explain in ‘Tibb-e-Nabawi’ that the herb was an important prescription since there was an army of women. The Prophet’s and his companions’ wives could marry none else, and their desire had to be satisfied. (2:56). ‘Harissa’ was the Viagra of those times, albeit most ineffective as few Mullahs have the courage of admitting today.

Find a woman who is beautiful, well mannered, has big black eyes and black hair, and a white complexion. (2:73). This is Ghazali’s dream girl that he could never attract.

Quoting Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal, Ghazali writes that obtaining exquisite pleasure from sex is the fortress of religion. (2:73). Hanbal + Ghazali = Disaster.

The Prophet (S) said, "The best wives are those who look beautiful and their Mehr (marital portions or gift) is small." (2:74). The exalted Prophet had advised character as the first and foremost criterion in the selection of a spouse.

Do not marry a woman who is infertile. (2:75). Ghazali does not say how he would determine the fertility of a woman. Did Ghazali reflect that his sister or daughter could also suffer from infertility? Of course, he had no idea of some men being sterile. Dear reader, our Criminals of Islam can only think of the woman as a wife, a bearer of children, a concubine and an object of desire. They forget that mothers, sisters and daughters are also women. Ah, if only one of Ghazali’s parents had been infertile!

The blessed woman is that who gets married early and delivers children quickly. Always marry a woman who gives birth to plenty of children. Never marry an infertile woman. Marrying a young and healthy woman ensures her fertility. Always marry virgin women. (2:75). Does this need any comment? Unfortunately, Mullahs frequently ascribe such insults to the exalted Prophet.

Ghazali advises that the health of a newborn baby will be better if the sexual desire (and encounter) between the husband and the wife was vigorous. This advantage is lost in marrying a closely known related woman. (2:76)

Hasan Basri rightly said, “A husband who does what his wife tells him, Allah will throw him headlong in Hell. (2:81)

Ghazali insults Hazrat Umar by ascribing this statement to him: Ask women their advice and then act precisely opposite to them. There is much blessing in doing the opposite of what women advise.” (2:81)

The Prophet said, “If a husband has all of his body, from head to toe, filled with pus and the wife licks him all over, even then she has not thanked him enough.” (2:103). Notice the sick mentality of ‘Imam’ Ghazali.

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