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Marhoom Parwez & Dr Shabbir
By:Bahram Shahmardan, Cypress
Date: Sunday, 9 December 2018, 3:05 am

Dear Dr. Shabbir,

Thank you so much for your hard work.

I am a student of Information Technology engineering and computer sciences of Tehran University. My family and friends are all moderate muslims.

I started my journey of knowing the truth before univeristy. One day i asked myself do i need any religion, is religion a fact or a lie.
So, i started to study books on Islam, Zoroastrianism and other beliefs.

I always felt a light, a fact in the Quran but when i read its translations, they disapponted me much. I am advocate of women rights and when i saw 4:34, 4:11-12, there was not a good feeling in my heart. As a student who learned math and logic, i could not accept the sayings of traditional persons.

One day, I said : God, i do not know whether you exist or not, if you exist, so show me the right way. If you do not, then you cannot judge me then, because i wanted you but you did not.

Then, I had studied history (i love logic, history, philosophy, wise poetry, novel, music and computer :), in history we all face this story that Arabs came to destroy Persia, they tortured women, feele old men and women, destroyed libraries etc
A thing that made hating between Iranian and Arabs for centuries until now.

I also read Zoroastriansim, but i did not find what i wanted to find in it. This religion has no permanent value, it seems all things in it are relative.

But, i tried to study the religions without any bias. I read and comoared almost all the translations of the Quran on web and read their comments on Amazon.com.

After many tries, first i found Marhoom Parwez' Exposition and his other works. He changed my way. Then i found your valuable works, they completed my mission.

I learned that history is not perfect, companions of the Exalted Prophet were good men and those stories of history are some conspiracies.

I also learned the systematic reading of the Quran with logic, and learned Islam is not religion but is the standard way of living.

I love your quote that the key of finding the way is sincerity.

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