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My Quranic journey - An email to dear Dr. Shabbir
By:Kian, Iran
Date: Friday, 7 December 2018, 6:53 am

Sharing of an email: From Kian to muhtaram dear Dr. Shabbir

Dear Dr. Shabbir Ahmed, dearest teacher,
I started my journey of knowing the truth before university. One day, i asked from myself do i need any religion, is religion a fact or a lie.
So, i started to study books on Islam, Zoroastrianism and Christianity and other beliefs.

I always felt a light, a fact in the Quran (i can read the Quran directly from its original Arabic) but when i read its translations, they disappointed me much.
I am advocate of women rights and when i saw 4:34, 4:11-12, there was not a good feeling in my heart. As a student who learned math and logic, i could not accept the sayings of traditional books.

One day, I said : God, i do not know whether you exist or not, if you exist, so show me the right way. If you do not, then you cannot judge me then, because i wanted you but you did not show me the way.

I had studied history, and in history, we all face this story that Arabs came to destroy Persia, they tortured women, old men and women, destroyed libraries etc during Saasaanid empire.
This annoyed me again.

I also read Zoroastrianism, but i did not find what i wanted to find in it. This religion has no permanent value, it seems all things in it are relative.

But, i tried to study the religions without any bias. I read and compared almost all the translations of the Quran on the web and read their comments on Amazon.com.
After many tries, first i found Marhoom Parwez' Exposition and his other works. He changed my way. Then i found your valuable works, and they completed my mission.

I learned that history is not perfect, companions of the Exalted Prophet were good men and they came to release oppressed people.
I also learned the systematic reading of the Quran with logic, and learned Islam is not religion but is the standard way of living, this is what i believe even before my journey that a good religion is not a collection of rituals but is a guidance for living.

I just became convinced about the truth of the Quran, when i found its scientific signs in it. The Bible, The Quran and Science of Maurice Bucaille, Who Wrote The Quran of Dr. Shabbir and perfect books of Marhoom Parwez that explain the subjects with reason and logic helped much.

Honestly, even before knowing Allama Parwez and Dr. Shabbir, my personal beliefs were very very close to Allama Parwez and Dr. Shabbir and when i read their books, i was surprised that they confirm my personal belief.

I love your quote that the key of finding the way is sincerity.

Best wishes and Dua's,