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Separation of Church & State
By:Saeed Siddiq, Pakistan
Date: Sunday, 25 November 2018, 11:10 pm


1....Due to worst exploitation of Islam by the Mulla parties and their groups led by thousands of blind followers and following a policy of divide and rule us, Pakistan can not become a real Islamic state as per Holy Quran. Today we are more divided on Islam which is against the One Ummah concept of Islam. Muslims are killing Muslims and are unsafe in their own country.

2.....Besides there are thousands of Pirs, Faqirs, Babas, Sajada Nashins who promote their own cults among their literate/illiterate followers as bogus 'Wasila/intermediary/demi Gods' to Allah. The blind followers bow before them and kiss their hands. These bogus 'Wasilas' commit great Shirk and Bidah with their Taweez, Ganday, Jadoo, Tona and special Dua business. They also promote Shirk of Mazar worship of dead saints.

3.....Further there are hundreds of Islamic research institutes, organizations, writers, publishers, forums, research scholars who promote their own 'brand' of Islam for publicity sake and create division in our society instead of promoting One Ummah concept and moderation as Ummath Wasth.

4......There are scores of many sects, sub sects, Maslak and Fiqah differences among the Muslims led by divisive Mullas who differ with each other to follow their own brand of Islam so much our Masajid are also divided. The Mullas taking advantage of the 'surrender' policy of our government, occupy open plots, lands, parks, play grounds etc. to build their own brand of Masjid and Madressahs illegally and near to each other which results in their AZAN hitting each other. By terming such illegal structures as Houses of Allah, they prevent their demolition by the government. These 'Hud Haraam' Mullas collect donations by promising Jannah to donors without any authority. In Pakistan and also abroad thousands of legal cases on Management Committee disputes, bogus elections, fraud in Masjid expenditure etc. are pending in courts for years and the advocates are making lot of money to keep the cases pending for years together. At least our government should take over or nationalize such Masajid.

5.......The Masjid Imams in their Khitabs/speeches deliberately avoid projection of all Quranic Mohukamath/specific Guidance of Allah on all matters of life with solution to problems to keep us religiously backward. This is a big conspiracy of the exploiting Mullas. The Mullas have made an easy and clear Deen of Allah as hard as possible to dominate and rule us as our priests debarred by Allah as all are equal before HIM and equally answerable and accountable for their deeds and misdeeds, sins and evils, Shirk and Bidah practices etc. on Qayamah/Judgement Day. No special Dua of any Mulla is going to save us or them also.

6.......Further in order to dominate and rule us, the exploiting Mullas have made Allah, Arabic knowing only thus forcing us to learn Arabic to read and understand the Holy Quran and also directing us to simply read, recite and do memorization of Holy Quran and that too without understanding to depend on Mullas for guidance instead of Allah. Actually Allah is above languages/dialects and being the Creator/Founder of the Universe knows and understand all languages, dialects, requests, movements, actions, Duas of sane and insane persons, deaf and dumb persons, sick and disabled persons along with movements etc. of Angels, Satan, animals, fish and HIS other creations.

7......Allah's previous three Holy Books i.e. Torah, Psalms and Bible were bestowed not in Arabic but in the then prevalent languages of the time to warn and guide the then erring and deviated humanity to HIS Right Path. Therefore the Holy Quran was bestowed in Arabic on our Arabic Prophet to warn and guide the erring and deviated Arabs to HIS Right Path by embracing Islam. Hence being a Universal religion, we should all read the translation of Holy Quran to understand Islam correctly. There is no Hukum/Order of Allah at all to learn Arabic and also to simply read/recite and do memorization/Hifz of Holy Quran and that too without understanding to get exploited and deviated by the Mullas.

8.......In the Middle Ages, the Christians who were mostly illiterate and backward were under the strict control and religious domination of their priests i.e. Pope, Bishops, Cardinals. They were not allowed to read the translation of Holy Bible to understand Allah's Guidance on all matters of life. Those who opposed the Christian priests were punished severely known as inquisition and even burned. But they boldly shook off the control of their priests and started to read the translation of Bible in their own languages to understand Christianity and achieved peace and progress in all fields of education and knowledge, science and technology, space etc. leaving us totally backward and dependent upon the West.

9......Hence we should also start reading the translation of Holy Quran in our own language again and again to understand Allah's Guidance on all matters of life with solution to problems. Due to rising Mullaism and worst exploitation of our noble Deen resulting in extremism, Talibanism, sectarian killings, suicide bombings, attacks on Qadyanis, our minorities feel insecure and seek refuge in the West by condemning Pakistan. Thus the image of Islam is being spoiled. The Qadyanis, Christians, Hindus, Parsees and others felt secured when Pakistan functioned as a secular state up to 1970. They intermingled with us freely and contributed their lot towards peace and progress of Pakistan in all fields. Not now.

10......The exploiting Mullas create unrest in our Muslim society through strikes, Hartals, blocking roads, closing shops forcibly, burning of vehicles on roads etc. with hot speeches to blackmail the elected provincial governments to accept their demands as recently done by Mulla Khadim Hussain Rizvi. A big Mulla living in Canada also come to Lahore occasionally to organize strikes and create unrest and after secretly accepting some good 'donation' from the government he goes back. In India, the Muslims face discrimination in every field due to discrimination against the Hindus in Pakistan. Therefore all the minorities should be given good jobs and status and care which is possible if we follow the world formula of 'Separation of the State affairs from the Religion' to achieve peace on the religious front.

11......Mulla Khadim Hussain Rizvi of Tehrik Labbaik created big nuisance through strike, blockage of roads and burning of vehicles in Lahore recently along with his blind followers. The federal and provincial governments initially surrendered to him to end his blackmailing tactics against the release of Asia Bibi, a Christian by Supreme Court. Now he has been taken into safe custody with no FIR so far because the government is afraid of him.

12.... Finally to achieve peace on the religious front, we should all strive to make Pakistan a liberal state on the world formula of 'Separation of the State from the Religion'. We should all send letters, e.mails, resolutions to our Prime Minister; Speaker, National Assembly; all leaders of parties and members of National Assembly; Chairman, Senate and members of the Senate; all provincial Chief Minsters and leaders/members of Provincial Assemblies with copes to President and all Governors on the urgent need to proclaim Pakistan a law abiding and non-Mulla state with religion as a personal matter on the above world formula to achieve peace on the religious front and to save Islam from worst exploitation. There is no danger to Islam at all as wrongly being projected by the exploiting Mullas. Be bold to reject such bogus arguments to favor extremist Mullas by vested interests. FOLLOW ALLAH NOT MULLA.

The above submission has been approved by a sincere non-commercial Alim. Please circulate. Thanks.

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