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By:Dr Shabbir, Florida
Date: Thursday, 22 November 2018, 7:16 pm

Say (O’ Prophet), “This is my way. Resting my call upon reason, I am
calling you all to God, I and those who follow me. …[We do not invite
through blind faith, vague dogmas or by stunning your intellect with
miracles. 12:108]
The greatest Jihad can be conducted only by means of the Quran.
[Convey it in a decent manner. 25:52]
The Quran is a binding duty to act upon and convey to people.
Denial is a common defense mechanism. People feel secure in the cocoon
of their pre-conceived notions. [2:170, 6:104, 7:107, 21:53]
Twelve Maxims Of Intense Beauty
The Divine message has essentially been the same, always. Herein
are mentioned some of those laws, Twelve Maxims of intense beauty.
53:38 i No laden one shall bear the load of another.
53:39 ii Every human being (male or female) shall be responsible for
his works, and compensated for, his labor.
53:40 iii His effort (and not the results) will be seen.
53:41 iv Then he will be fully rewarded for it.
53:42 v To your Lord is the final destination. [79:44. Your goal shall
be your Lord’s Rule on earth]
53:43 vi He is the One Who causes you to laugh, and to cry. [The
basic principles that cause nations to live in prosperity versus
misery, have been expounded in the Quran]
53:44 vii He is the One Who gives death and gives life. [The rise and
fall of nations follow His laws. And these laws are most clearly
expounded in the Qur’an]
53:45 viii He is the One Who creates the two companions, the male
and the female (pairs and opposites among His creation),
53:46 From gametes that unite.
53:47 ix He has promised to bring about a second life (and the
ultimate accountability).
53:48 x He is the One Who gives wealth and contentment. [Only His
laws can bestow true prosperity]
53:49 xi He is the One Who is the Lord of the brightest star, the
human intellect.
[Shi'ra = Sha'oor = Intellect. Shi'ra is also the Arabic name of the
brightest star Sirius in the constellation Canis Major. It was widely
worshiped in ancient Middle East]
53:50 xii He is the One Who annihilated the former tribe of ‘Aad.
[They were men of intellect but refused to establish the Divine
System. 7:65. A wrong system, however smartly run, is bound to
Nine Commandments [6:151-152]
Notably, “graven images” of the Bible is not among them. Only the
Mullah forbids images and pictures in Islam. He is responsible for
depriving the world of a Muslim Leonardo or Michelangelo, and the
master-pieces of art that talented Muslims could have created during
the last millennium plus. There is no Quranic Injunction allowing the
Mullahs to destroy the memorable Bamyan statue of Buddha in
Afghanistan. The Quran forbids idol worship but not carving
artworks of sculptures.
i. Associate none with Him.
ii. Honor your parents, treat them kindly and fulfill their needs.
iii. Neither kill your children for fear of poverty nor deprive
them of proper training and education.
iv. Do not come near immodesty or indecent deeds, whether
openly or secretly.
v. Do not slay a life.
vi. Do not approach the wealth of the orphan except to
improve it until they come of age with full maturity of body
and mind.
vii. Give full weight and full measure in all your dealings.
viii. And when you voice an opinion, be just, even if it is against
a relative.
ix. Fulfill your Covenant with God, the unwavering allegiance
to the Divine System.