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Re: Is this Islam?
By:Azhar Mazhar, India
Date: Wednesday, 21 November 2018, 6:15 pm
In Response To: Re: Is this Islam? (Dr Aslam Abdullah, CA)

Right now shia apostates are living up-to their historic role of siding w enemies of Islam. They sided with crusaders in occupation n plunder of Al Aqsa that led Salaeddin to crush them first before he liberated Al Aqsa. Then Iran was Muslim country until 15 century when Safavids came to power n reintroduced pagan shia beliefs and made it mandatory to slander Sahaba RA in their temples on Friday. Ottoman scholars therefore declared war and Ottomans fought Safavids for over 100 years until Iran was defeated n one third occupied. Ottomans left after Iran signed treaty to stop slandering companions of Prophet AS.

The Iranians continue their hatred of Islam n today their mindset is same. Iran facilitated the invasion n occupation of Iraq n Afghanistan n subsequent installing of Shia puppet govt in Iraq. Saddam a Baathist albeit a sunni was sanctioned w no fly zones n finally overthrown n killed. He was pounced upon by whole world although killed much fewer people than shia Baathist Assad of Syria. This shows the same mindset of crusaders n shia alignment since plunder of Al Aqsa.

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