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Re: Is this Islam?
By:Dr Aslam Abdullah, CA
Date: Wednesday, 21 November 2018, 6:13 pm
In Response To: Is this Islam? (Shehnaz Shibli, Multan)

Wa alaikum Salam,
The idea is great, but it is an idea that probably Allah does not like. He has watched this division from the beginning and has allowed the bloodshed including the blood of the grandson of his messenger. So If God not bring them together, how can we the mortal human beings in our limited capacities and knowledge do it. In religious matters we generally play games. Look at the language some people use to describe each other demonstrating hatred while claiming to be a nation of mercy. We cannot tolerate an opposing viewpoint. We fight on non issues that have no relevance to our lives and Iman.
But we must never lose hope. Who knows when Allah can intervene.

Aslam Abdullah

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