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By:Dr Shabbir, Florida
Date: Friday, 16 November 2018, 11:28 pm

Thirty-five Objections: It is interesting to learn that throughout
history, the smartest people have been able to conjure up only 35
objections against the Glorious Book. From Abu Jahl in 615 CE to
the opponents in 2010, the same 35 objections have been circulating
and re-circulating for fourteen centuries. Isn’t it miraculous that
every one of these 35 points has directly and convincingly been
answered right within the Book?

Now, Some Glorious Teachings Of The Quran:
How God Nourishes the Universe:
God nourishes the entire Universe for everything in it to become what it is
meant to be, just as a mother’s womb nourishes the embryo to completion,
and without any returns. [Rahman]

What Is Satan?
Satan is nothing but one’s selfish desire or inflated ego. It is no extrinsic
entity. [Ash-Shayitaan] The story of Adam and Satan or Iblis in the Quran is
a beautiful and dramatic allegory for us to enjoy and understand. [2:31-34]
The exalted Prophet is reported to have said that every person has one’s
own Satan within. The noble companions respectfully asked, “Even you, O’
Messenger of Allah?” He responded, “Yes, though I have made him a
Muslim (submitter to Allah).” The Prophet (S) had made his desires
subservient to God’s commandments and laws.
What Are Angels?
They are the forces of Nature, like gravity, electricity, thunder, lightning, air,
rain, water cycle, atmosphere, seasons, celestial bodies, and atomic energy
that relentlessly strive to carry out Divine commands and keep order in the
Universe. They do not have free will and do as God commands them. [2:31-
The Forbidden Tree
What was the Forbidden Tree? Mankind branching off and dividing like the
branches of a tree; based on selfishness, family, tribe, wealth and
prejudice. It was neither the “Tree of Knowledge” nor the “Tree of Eternal
Life”. [2:35, 2:213, 10:19, 20:117-118, 49:13]
Did Eve Deceive Adam?
Ah, the poor woman of the Bible! According the Quran, Satan deceived
Adam and his wife both (the early humans). The admitted their fault and
their repentance was accepted. [2:37, 7:21-24]
7:21 Satan swore to both, man and woman, “I am a sincere advisor to
7:22 So by deceit Satan brought about their downfall. They tasted of the
tree of discord and started to divide into branches….
Where Is This Universe Going?
The entire Universe is in a state of journey to its appointed destination and
all things in it are undergoing evolution to become what they are meant to
be. Ultimately, all actions will receive a just recompense. [1:3 Yaum-id-
Deen, 10:4, 45:22]
There is a coherent plan in the Universe, though I don't know what it is a
plan for. [British astronomer, author, Sir Fred Hoyle. He knew to the extent
that there is a coherent plan]
Reincarnation: Is Life Cyclical?
The Quran strongly negates the dogma of reincarnation which subscribes
to a cyclical theory of life. The theory originated with Plato and was
adopted by Hindu philosophers. The Quran corrects the fallacy by
stressing that Life in the Universe goes on with a linear ascending
evolution with all creation moving on to newer and higher forms. The
human ‘self’ also ascends on the ladder of self-actualization by benefiting
.… Indeed, my Lord is on the Straight Path. [He has designed the Universe
and the life therein for evolution in a linear, ascending fashion. [11:56]
Linear Ascent of the human ‘self’. [90:10-20]
[God has designed the Universe so that all things go through evolution. It
is an ascending, linear journey that makes progress possible and allows all
things to become what they are meant to be. In the Cyclical hypothesis of
the Greek philosophers, things will keep revolving in a circle like oxen
endlessly going around water well without covering any real distance.
Christian Monasticism, Judaic Mysticism, Hindu and Buddhist Mythology,
Sufism etc delineate the ultimate objective of humans as freeing
themselves of this endless cycle of life. They call it 'salvation'. It becomes
obvious that salvation is a negative notion, whereas the Quran motivates
us to attain a positive goal, eternal success. The dogma of Original Sin in
Christianity also involves restoration of humans to the zero point, a sinless
state, once again a negative connotation]