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Re: Details: Quranic-Thoughts-Quran-Unchained
Date: Thursday, 15 November 2018, 11:35 am
In Response To: Details: Quranic-Thoughts-Quran-Unchained (By Subhan Mirza, UK)

Dear Brother Subhan,

I applaud you on your relentless pursuit of True Islam according to the Qura'n. You did invaluable work there Brother, alongside Brother Jawaid. We the Truth seekers will forever be indebted to the both of you. God will have a special place for you both here and now and the Hereafter. When the Forum announced the publication of the book months ago and that we can buy it from Amazon, I immediately placed an order but was declined because Amazon does not deliver the book to Malaysia. I was sadly disappointed. Is there any other way for me to purchase 2 books? I would appreciate your advice. Thank you Brother.


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