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By:Dr Shabbir, Florida
Date: Monday, 12 November 2018, 9:57 pm

Moral Code of the Quran:
a. Equal human dignity by birth. (17:70, 95:4)
b. Gender equity. (4:32, 33:35)
c. Superiority by character only. (49:13, 46:19)
d. Rule of law, not of individuals. (3:79)
e. Full compensation of work. (53:39, 53:41, 39:70, 37:39)
f. Provision of basic needs. (20:118-119)
g. Security of faith, life, mind, honor, and property. (6:109, 6:152, 2:269,
17:36, 24:2, 22:40, 6:152, 5:90, 2:195, 5:32, 17:32, 17:35, 17:29, 83:1)
h. Choice of spouse. (4:3, 4:19)
i. Freedom of religion. (2:148, 2:193, 2:256, 4:88, 5:48, 6:104, 6:107-108,
7:177-178, 10:99, 12:108, 18:29, 22:39-40, 27:80-81, 39:41, 56:79, 73:19)
j. Freedom of expression. (2:42, 3:71)
k. Redress of grievances. (4:148)
l. Right to privacy. (33:53, 24:27)
m. Care of the handicapped. (4:36, 70:24)
n. Presumption of innocence. (49:6)
o. Sanctity of name and lineage. (49:11, 33:4)
p. Right to residence. (4:100, 2:85, 6:41)
q. Aesthetic choice. (18:31, 76:13-15)
r. Protection of chastity. (17:32, 24:2)
s. Race, color, gender, lineage, wealth, nothing, nothing but good conduct,
is the only criterion of honor. (49:13)
t. Degrees of people according to their deeds. (2:212, 3:163, 6:132)
It is noteworthy that human rights outlined in the Quran are not subject to
the whims of nations or individuals as in the manmade documents.
Let Us Continue:
I most humbly shelter myself with Allah against the reprehensible
promptings of all evil sources including my own ego.
[‘Shayitaan’ = Satan = The straying Ego = Selfish desire = Selfglorification
= False pride = Desire that rebels against the higher
controls of sound judgment. Emotions that rebel against the
Permanent Moral Values = Intrinsic or extrinsic evil prompting =
Negative peer pressure = Violent emotions = A rumor monger,
slanderer = A hinderer of good = He who spreads corruption and
disorder in the Earth = Anyone who impels others into violating the
Permanent Moral Values = Bad company = Anything or Anyone that
deceives or charms people into violating Divine Laws = Any being or
influence that alienates man from the Creator and, thus, distances
itself from Divine Grace. 2:14, 4:38, 4:60, 4:83, 4:119, 5:90-91, 6:43,
6:143, 7:200, 17:26-27, 22:3-4, 25:28-29, 31:21, 67:5.]
With the Glorious Name of God, the Ultimate Source of Instant
Beneficence and Eternal Mercy Who embraces the entire Universe
nourishing and taking care of all things for becoming what they are
meant to be, just as a mother's womb nourishes the embryo to
completion without any returns.
The Quran Is For All [2:112, 34:28, 49:13]
2:112 Nay, whoever submits his whole being to God, and he is a doer
of good to humanity, his reward is with his Lord. Then, no fear shall
come upon them nor shall they grieve.
34:28 (O’ Messenger) We have sent you as a bringer of glad news
and as a warner to mankind at large, but most people are (at this
time) unaware of this fact.
49:13 O’ Mankind! We have created you male and female, and have
made you nations and tribes so that you may affectionately come to
know (identify) one another. Certainly, the most honored among you,
in the Sight of God, is the one who is best in conduct. God is
Knower, Aware.
Incredible Falsification Tests – “Prove Me Wrong”, Says the Quran.
The Quran is also a unique book in that it offers falsification tests.
One - The Quran is the only scripture to assert that there is no
contradiction in it. Indeed, close examination fails to reveal one single
contradiction in the Book.
2:176 … God has revealed the Book in absolute truth; therein is no
contradiction. …
4:82 Will they not then, try to understand this Quran? If it were from
other than God they would have found in it much contradiction and
Two - It also challenges all mankind to get together and produce one
chapter like this. [2:23, 4:82, 17:88]
2:23 (For the real skeptic, here is a reason-friendly offer.) If you are
still in doubt concerning what We have revealed to Our servant
(Muhammad), call and set up (a committee, commission,
organization, association of the highest order) all your helpers
besides God, and then produce just one Surah (Chapter) like this, if
you are truthful.
10:38 Or, do they say, “He has invented it”? Tell them, "Bring one
Surah like this and call for help everyone you can besides God, if
you are truthful.” [2:23, 11:13]
Three - The Quran presents another beautiful and most pragmatic
falsification test. It invites the people among whom the exalted Prophet
lived, to reflect on his spotless character. The people of Arabia used to call
him Al-Amin (the trustworthy) and As-Sadiq (the truthful) even before he
was commissioned to the prophetic office.
7:184 Has it never occurred to them that there is no fault whatsoever
in their fellow-man? He has lived a whole life among you ….
10:16 Say, “…I have dwelt among you a whole lifetime before this.
Will you not, then, use your sense?”
Not a single person rose to deny this noble proclamation of the
Quran. None could point out a single flaw in his character.
Four – Muhammad (S) never asked for a reward for his services. [12:104,
25:27, 38:86]
Five - Over the last fourteen centuries, advancing human knowledge
has been proving the truth of the Quran again and again.
41:53 In time, We will show them Our signs in the utmost horizons
and within themselves, so that it will become clear to them that this
Quran is certainly the truth. Is it not enough for them to know that
your Lord is Witness to all things (including this proclamation)?
[9:31-33, 13:31, 14:48, 18:48, 41:53, 48:28, 51:20-21, 61:9]
Muslims should have been the first ones to do this research, but, as I
mentioned, unfortunately, they are the first ones to forsake the Noble
25:30 And the Messenger will say, “O’ My Lord! These are my people,
the ones who had forsaken this Qur’an making it of no account."
Whenever science proves and establishes some theory as fact,
people notice with amazement that it has been present in the Quran
for fourteen centuries! For example,
51:47 And it is We Who built the Universe with power, and certainly, it is We
Who are steadily expanding it.
[36:38, 55:5. The expansion of the Universe was first proposed by the
Belgian cosmologist Georges Lemaitre and the Russian scientist A.
Friemann. In 1929, it was observed for the first time by the American
astronomer Edwin Hubble]
36:38 And the sun: it is running to its appointed destination. That is
the measure of the Almighty, the Knower.
[Until the 19th century, it was thought that the sun was static. But,
the celebrated Russian philosopher, astronomer and mystic, P.D.
Ouspensky (1878-1947, author of Tertium Organum), had maintained
that any science that contradicted the Quran would turn out to be
false. Then, during Ouspensky's lifetime, it was discovered that the
sun is moving towards a specified destination at 12 miles per
second, 43,200 miles per hour! This destination has even been
assigned names, the Solar Apex and the Constellation of Hercules]
Who taught such knowledge to the exalted Prophet in the middle of a
barren desert centuries ago? Much detail on the subject is given in my
book, Who Wrote The Quran? [The research minded reader may consult
the following mind-boggling references in the Quran, especially in my
rendition, QXP, The Quran As It Explains Itself. It is replete with modern
scientific examples for the reader of this book. 2:29, 5:17, 6:125, 10:61,
10:92, 11:37, 12:54, 13:2, 16:15, 16:68-69, 19:65, 21:30-33, 22:5, 23:13-14,
24:40-45, 25:53, 25:61, 34:3, 34:15-16, 36:36, 36:40, 39:5, 43:12, 44:10, 55:19-
20, 75:4, 79:30, 89:6-7, 96:15-16 etc. QXP and Who Wrote The Quran? - are
available online. www.ourbeacon.com]
Thirty-five Objections: It is interesting to learn that throughout
history, the smartest people have been able to conjure up only 35
objections against the Glorious Book. From Abu Jahl in 615 CE to
the opponents in 2010, the same 35 objections have been circulating
and re-circulating for fourteen centuries. Isn’t it miraculous that
every one of these 35 points has directly and convincingly been
answered right within the Book?