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Allah kay nishtar
By:Jeffrey Sayed, Karachi
Date: Sunday, 4 November 2018, 6:30 pm

Dear Dr. Shabbir Ahmed bhai.

May Allah's greetings be upon you and your ahl khandan (family). When that massive hurricane hit Florida recently, I hoped and prayed that you and all with you are safe.

A while back, I read in your bazm-e-khakeshan in which your described Hitler as Allah ka Nishtar. I then asked what is meant by that and you replied a surgical knife. Well, now I see Donald Trump as "Allah ka Nishtar". He is really taking care of business.

If this is of any consolation, then I have heard and even read that Allah will raise and restore Islam to its former honor and Glory. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be with him) said himself that Islam began as something "strange" and will once again become something strange. He even mentioned, and I am sure you know, that fear will become removed from the hearts and minds of others and they will devour, pillage and plunder the Ummah with impunity. Muslims, even though huge in number will reduced to slavery and serfdom. As we celebrate Iqbal Day (Iqbal ka youm-e-Wiladat) this month, Allama Iqbal had a great yearning and desire to see the Muslim Ummah regain it's lost standing in terms of commanding respect in the eyes of the world. One of the topics he wrote poetry on was "ghulamoon ki nafseeyat" (psychology of the enslaved).

I do remain hopeful and optimistic that truth will have it's triumph and victory. Let's pray for better days ahead.

Salaam-alai- kum, Jaffery Sayed

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