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Blasphemy against Allah
By:jawaid ahmed
Date: Saturday, 3 November 2018, 12:10 pm

Blasphemy against Allah

Those who have murder on their mind when it comes to blasphemy against the Messenger, have lost sight of Who sent the Messenger and what punishment He prescribed for those who say something outrageous against Him:

19:88 As it is, some assert, “The Beneficent has taken a son!”
19:89 Indeed, you have put forth something monstrous!
19:90 Whereby the skies are almost torn, and the earth is split asunder, and the mountains fall in ruins!
19:91 That men should ascribe a son to the Most Gracious.
19:92 It is not befitting for the Majesty of the Beneficent that He should choose a son.
19:93 There is none in the skies and earth but comes to the Beneficent as a servant.
19:94 Indeed, He fully knows them, and has counted them one by one.
19:95 And each of them will come to Him singly on the Resurrection Day.
19:96 Surely, those who attain belief and work for the good of others, the Beneficent will endow them with love.
19:97 And only to this end We have made this (Qur’an) easy to understand in your own tongue (O Prophet) - That you may convey thereby glad news to the righteous and warn people given to futile disputation.
19:98 But We have destroyed many generations before them. Can you perceive a single one of them now or hear a whisper of them?

If someone through ignorance ‘blasphemes’ against Allah or His Messenger, then do some good work for them to show them the error of their ways, not prove they are right! Let ALLAH ultimately decide their fate and do not hasten their death for the showdown on Judgement Day.

The mulla that brought the case against Asia Bibi has said that he will not bother next time as 'they get off', he will deal with it himself!!!!

With the Glorious Name of God, the Instant and Sustaining Source of all Mercy and Kindness
21:1 Closer draws to people the time of their reckoning, and yet they turn away stubbornly heedless of it.
21:2 Whenever a new reminder comes to them from their Lord, they listen to it with playful amusement. [26:5]
21:3 With their hearts preoccupied with fleeting delights, the wrongdoers confer secretly, "Is he not just a human being like you? Will you yield to his spellbinding eloquence with your eyes open?"
21:4 The Prophet said, "My Lord knows every word that is spoken in the High and the Low. He is the Hearer, the Knower.”
21:5 “Nay,” they say, "Muddled dreams! Nay, he has but invented it! Nay, he is but a poet! Let him then bring us a miracle (as we have heard), like the ones that were given to Prophets of old!"
21:6 Not one of the communities before them that We (Our law) destroyed, would ever believe (in their Messengers). Will these, then, believe?

Who is blaspheming who?