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Re: Online islamic resources for kids
By:Kian, Iran
Date: Monday, 29 October 2018, 6:08 pm
In Response To: Online islamic resources for kids (Lubna)

Dear Lubna,

I hope the following list can help, even if only a little:

- Islam for Juniors, by Dr. Shabbir: http://drshabbir.com/library/islamforthejunior.pdf

- Islam as I Understand:

- Islamic Way of Living, by G.A. Parwez:

- Who wrote the Quran, by Dr. Shabbir:

- Thus Speaks the Quran:

- A History of Prophets:

- What Is Islam, by G.A. Parwez (a good source, it is not easy for children, but OK for teenagers):

*For translation of the Quran, the best option is QXP of Dr. Shabbir, you can download it from library of Ourbeacon. Although there are some translations of the Quran for children on web but i do not recommend them.
There are many beautiful and illustrated Ebooks and websites for children and teenagers on Islam but their teachings are N2I (Number two Islam = Non-Quranic Islam) unfortunately.

*Some explanations of G.A. Parwez in his books have improved by Dr. Shabbir and other scholars, so his teachings and books are not flawless but they are very good.

Kind regards

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