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world billionaires’ wealth
By:Mazin Qumsiyeh, Occupied Palestine
Date: Sunday, 28 October 2018, 4:05 pm

One report just published shows that world billionaires’ wealth increased
20% last year (billionaire’s now have accumulated wealth of $9 trillion!).
The rich continue to get richer and the poor poorer and politics follow
moneyed interests and that is why Oman, Saudi Arabia and others are
normalizing with apartheid regime of “Israel”. That is also why Trump is
not shy to say “we have more money than anyone else” so we can get our way.
Why the genocide of Yemen (by the Saud royals) and Gaza (by the Netanyahu
criminal enterprise) continue? Directly related to treachery . Like King
Leopold of Belgium in Congo or Christopher Columbus of Spain in America,
history repeats itself because we learn not from it. That is also why
Brazil is about to elect a right wing president why will destroy the Amazon
rain-forest to please rich people. But the stakes are higher now. That is
why Homo sapiens may go extinct…. UNLESS we the people get our act together
quickly and RESIST. As Ghandi said "You must be the change you want to see
in the world".

Every day here, we get inspired despite the sad news. Last week 8
Palestinian civilians were murdered by the occupation army, 20 children
drown in the rain flooding near the Dead Sea, and 11 Jewish were killed by
a racist in a synagogue in Pittsburgh. News cycles continue to be
unfavorable to justice and human rights. Thousands of civilians are
murdered in Yemen and hardly any Western Media pays attention (they even
now dropped the high profile murder of Jamal Khashokji as they refocus on
bombs sent to democrats etc). But in this thinking globally, I am always
working and thinking locally. We have eight staff members and dozens of
volunteers at the museum (palestinenature.org). Each is an inspiring story
to tell despite the obstacles. Everyone can tell you of how they suffered.
Lands confiscated, arrests and torture of relatives, personal loss, and
much more. Each can also tell you a story of growth and transcending
challenges to achieve great things in a remarkable team spirit. The many
internationals who visit us every week are inspired by what they see as
achieved by this team. Today and the next three days we are training six
researchers and a few others in cultural heritage collection and
preservation. We held three other workshops of training last week on
monitoring and evaluation for projects, design of gardens, and on
developing biodiversity conservation indicators.Yesterday we completed a
desk study on a UNESCO world heritage site (Battir and Al-Makhror Valley)
towards biodiversity conservation and sustainability (via ecoagriculture
and ecotourism) and we did some nice field and lab research in the same
valley producing great results (e.g. 12 recorded species of bats). We
visited Khan Al-Ahmar in solidarity (a place of partial success so far in
resisting ethnic cleansing). We submitted two more manuscripts for
publication. Contractors are making progress on our community garden and
playground infrastructure. We finished the olive harvest successfully with
nearly twice the production from the museum garden than last year. I could
go on but my point is that the work on the ground is the many candles
lighted instead of cursing the darkness. We invite you to join us.

James Buchaanan behind wealth concentration
[The Chicago school of ideology graduated the likes of war criminal Henry
Kissinger who supported Zionism and believe in "social darwinism"]

Human Rights Watch on repression in the Palestinian areas

An example of a good event that connects the dots. Rally in Ohio to stop US
support for the wars on the people of Gaza and Yemen (linked) Read more at
(and better yet do one in your city like this). Stop US military support
for the regimes in “Israel” and “Saudi Arabia”

Nora Lester Murad and Danna Masad produced a remarkable inspiring book:
Rest in My Shade, a poem about roots. It is an 8"x8" hardback gift book (48
pages) about displacement featuring 18 prominent Palestinian artists living
around the world. I'm attaching a press release for the book, which
includes early praise from Naomi Shihab Nye and others. More information is
available at the book's site: www.restinmyshade.com

Stay Human

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