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By:Dr Shabbir, Florida
Date: Saturday, 27 October 2018, 6:23 pm

Although the entire Quran is full of wisdom, knowledge, benevolence
and guidance for mankind, “Thus Speaks the Quran” (TSQ) briefly
presents the fundamentals of the Divine Message. It is intended to be
simple and reader-friendly for all, especially for those on the go.

For simplicity and brevity, I have paraphrased the central themes of the
Quranic verses. Particular care has been taken to preserve the original
meanings. This work is NOT a literal translation.

Undue bias in the West keeps people from enriching their lives with the
Supreme Quranic wisdom. The objective of TSQ is not trying to defend the
Quran which, I believe, needs no defense. For details, the reader may check
one of my books, “Islam As I Understand” or “Who Authored The Quran?” In addition to hard copies, they are available online at www.ourbeacon.com.

It is our sincere and fervent desire that no human being should remain
deprived of the unique Beacon of Light, Al-Quran. We see quotes from
every Tom, Dick & Harry in print and electronic media, but, according to
Murad Hoffman, "Mentioning the Quran in the West is like quoting Satan." I
wish to effectively change this unfortunate perception since the Quran is
an unparalleled guidance for all humanity. Muslims have no exclusive
rights to it. Rather, it is they who have abandoned it in favor of books
written by “Imams” and Mullahs. However, since Muslims are thought to be
the custodians of the Quran, their deplorable actions naturally alienate
non-Muslims from this Treasure of treasures. We cannot blame the
westerners for preemptively rejecting the Benevolent Quran since they
have been made to think of it as a demonic book.

Here is an opportunity for
anyone and everyone to conveniently check the reality first hand.
Note: Surah means Chapter and Ayah means verse. References may be
given within brackets. For example, 2:31 written as [2:31] will mean Chapter
2, verse 31. Muhammad (S) or the Prophet (S) indicates ‘our salutes to him’.