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The Aftermath of the ’Khashoggian’ Crisis
By:Omar Mattar Tajir, Uganda
Date: Wednesday, 24 October 2018, 4:51 pm
In Response To: The Aftermath of the ’Khashoggian’ Crisis (Afuwa Kasule, Uganda Muslim Brothers and Sisters)

I like the way Afwa Kasule has analysed the situation objectively. The fact that MBS is a muslim and a custodian of the 2 Holy Mosques, requires that he behaves in an exemplary manner and should be beyond reproach. He has failed almost all the requirements of a good Muslim leader leading by example. I fail to understand how he could invite the son of Jamal Kashoggi and shake his hands in the glare of cameras. What point was he trying to make to the world and to the surely traumatized son?

That however doesn't absolve the others, Americans, British, Turks, Russinas, etc from the evil they are meting out to Muslims in the guise of fighting terrorism.
Omar T. Mattar
"One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being ruled by fools and thieves!"

The Aftermath of the ’Khashoggian’ Crisis

We agree with all your observations. However, we should appreciate that gruesome murder of one soul can not be set aside and forgotten in the name of political convenience or balancing scores.

Fifteen assassins sent on private jets to kill a helpless Khashoggi who had entered the Saudi Arabia Consulate in Instabul, Turkey. It is like dream. It sounds like a Chuck Norris or James Bond film. The only difference is that in the film they would not behead an unarmed victim. If this Khasshogi murder was executed in a foreign country, then one con not help but wonder how many more "Khashoggis" have been killed on home soil, Saudi Arabia. By the way we are talking of Muslim leaders here not Christians or Jews. We should not be debating on who has the higher moral ground. We are discussing a cold blood murder of a Muslim sanctioned at the highest level by a fellow Muslim. The bar must be lifted higher for Muslims than for non-Muslims. And not mere Muslims like myself, we are talking of Muslims who are the custodians of the two holy Mosques. I think this fact must sink in our minds. The cistodians of the two holy mosques should not have even the slightest connection to a gruesome murder. Even in the wildest of dreams one would not have expected that those leaders could send a team of assassins, who tortured a man, cut off his fingers, beheaded him, dismembered his body and then put it in diplomatic bags and flew it out of Turkey. What kind of terrorism can this one be? It actually reduces other terrorist atrocities to almost a joke. These kind of things are done by drug barons somewhere in Colombia or Mexico but not in Turkey or Saudi Arabia. They even sent a body double to confuse those who would follow in their tracks. They switched of the cameras at the consulate so that they accomplish their heinous crime with no trace but the ALMIGHTY ALLAH was above their plans. ALLAH's plan was better than their wicked plans. There is a voice recording in the hands of the Turkish investigators. There are also visual recordings of the 15 hit-men at least outside the Saudi Consulate. It is already known how they came in to Turkey and how they exited Turkey. Notable among the assassin was the close aide to MBS. praise be to ALLAH that all this has been uncovered in a short time given the fact that these assassins and their associates have immunity cover.

Why defend murderers in the name of balancing scores? Khashoggi's murder was just the tipping point of the mountain of criminal activities sanctioned by the "guided" leaders of this holy land. We need no reminders of some of the following atrocities that stare us in the face:

1. The violent murders of some members of the royal family in order to grab their wealth and increase the influence and power of just one man MBS.

2. The seizure of some of the riches of the members of the royal family in exchange for their freedom. The pretext was to fight corruption. But we all know this is not true. Fighting corruption could have been done in a more transparent way using established institutions, not thru kidnapping and closing off kins/royals in a hotel and forcing/torturing them in to signing off their wealth in order to buy their freedom.

3. The starving of Muslims in Yemen, or rather a country called Yemen in the name of pleasing the crusaders that one is fighting terrorism. How then should one blame non-Muslim leaders for torturing Muslims in the name fighting terrorism?

4. The indiscriminate bombing of Yemeni on the pretext of keeping out Houthi rebels and Shia Iran is inexcusable. This also is against the background that several Muslim nations refused to support Saudi Arabia in their endeavor of showing military might in the middle East. But no body needs this show of might. If anything Israel and Iran knows the strength of Saudi Arabia. When the Saudi's military Arsenal runs dry then the real political actors will come on the scene to vanquish these masqueraders with their political gimmicks.

5. The land, air and sea blockade imposed on brotherly Qatar for refusing to join a senseless and needless war is another pathetic strategy employed by the war mongers, MBS and his crownies. If you weaken one of your own, who will come to your rescue when you need help?

8. The murder of Muslim Pilgrims in Minna which mainly targeted pilgrims from Iran. This can and will never be forgotten by those who truelly understand Islam. ALLAH's visitors are on duty performing the 5th pillar of Islam, and then one King decides to receive visitors at his Mina palace which caused a stampede resulting in the deaths of hundreds of pilgrims. ALLAH receives visitors and the king also receives visitors??? Where have we put our faith? Does the king want to equate himself to ALLAH, the most high?? There are eleven other months in which the king and royals can hold their functions. But their impunity and disregard to Islamic practices and rituals can only be paid well by ALLAH THE ALMIGHTY! And I think many can agree with me that the ALMIGHTY has started paying back these arrogant leaders of Saudi Arabia.

The way they tried to cover up the gruesome murder of Jamal Khasshogi only exposed them as rogue murderers. And each day that passes portrays them as more and more of a wicked lot. They can never come out of this mess except by ALLAH's will. Saudi Arabia would be better served and her image protected if the current King and Crown Prince would abdicate throne or be forced out of leadership by the people of Saudi Arabia.

May the soul of Jamal Khasshoggi rest in eternal peace. AMEEN!!! And may the ALMIGHTY ALLAH lower the status of his murderers and those who sanctioned the murder! AMEEN!!!

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