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By:Dr Shabbir, Florida
Date: Tuesday, 23 October 2018, 4:19 pm

2:175 It is those who take error in exchange for guidance, and torment in exchange for the protection of forgiveness. How steadfast are they in their pursuit of the fire!
2:176 This is so, because God has revealed the Book in absolute truth. And those who seek disputes in the Book, are in open schism and vehemently oppose each other. [4:82, 25:30. Shaqq and derivatives = To split = Fall apart = Schism = Fall into disputes = Opposition = Oppose one another = Splitting of personality = Break apart the unity = Enmity]
4:82 Will they not then, try to understand this Qur’an? If it were from other than God they would have found in it much contradiction and inconsistencies.
The Book has more than 6000 verses on extremely diverse subjects such as history, commands, laws, science, the future, personalities, humanity, the universe, psychology, animate and inanimate objects, bad and good societies, good and evil, human behavior, pragmatism (do this and this will happen - always), oceans and land, planets, rocks, trees, origin of life, evolution, water-cycle, animals, guidance, the permanent laws of rise and fall of nations, life and death, the Hereafter, the law of recompense, success vs failure, and much more. Yet, we find not a single error or contradiction in the Qur'an as it claims. I tried very hard to find just one error or contradiction but failed. And I read the Book closely at least 25 times.
If you learn the Quranic Arabic, you will marvel at the style, eloquence, choice of words, the beautiful rhythm and the noble guidance practicable for all times. It is the only text that is neither prose nor poetry, sounds an impossible proposition but true it is. There is overwhelming internal evidence that the Book cannot be a human effort. No wonder that not a single person in the last 1400 years has been able to take the challenge and bring one little Surah like it.]
10:38 Or, do they say, “He has invented it”? Tell them, "Bring one Surah like this and call for help everyone you can besides God, if you are truthful.” [2:23, 11:13. One chapter like this in beauty, eloquence and wisdom - And “besides God” would mean, without copying phrases and sentences from the Qur’an]
The opponents fought 82 battles against Muslims during the exalted Prophet's lifetime and got beaten again and again. The choice was clear. The most eloquent Arabs could have composed one little Surah like this and that would have been the demise of Islam. So, why did they fight those 82 battles?

Realistic Optimism
Let us not be disappointed or distracted by the deplorable actions of
the so-called Muslims today. We know that a tree is known by the
fruit it bears. Unfortunately, the Muslims are getting their fruit from a
bad tree. They have forsaken the Quran in favor of the Mullah’s
writings and preaching. This Counterfeit, “Imamist”, Tradition-based,
Alien, Ritualistic, Fatalistic, Superstitious, 73 Virgin-oriented and
non-Quranic, “Islam” preaching manmade Shari’ah, has wrought
misery to humanity in general and humiliation to Muslims in
particular, and it is destined to be routed. God willing, with efforts
like ours, the world is about to witness and experience the most
benevolent, Quran-based Islam soon, Islam that is a blessing to all
Revelation economizes human effort. Without it, humans toil in
search of the right system. [84:6]