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Saudi kingship should end now
By:Samia Ikram, Toronto
Date: Saturday, 20 October 2018, 5:22 pm

The anti Islamic despotic rule of Saudi king should end now. It should be highly condemned how a Saudi outspoken critic was murdered in Saudi embassy in Turkey.

The USA which supports the dictatorial rule of Saudi King and also of looting Amirs of Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Dubai etc. should force these dictators to surrender power to elected representatives and become figurative heads as in UK and other western countries. A constitution with elections every four years should be forcibly enforced on these Arabic dictators by UN for compliance.

Arabia belongs to the Arabic people and not to the looter kings, Amirs, permanent non elected Presidents like Assad of Syria and also of Egypt etc. The Saudis are killing innocent Yemeni people through bombings which should be stopped by USA and UN.

The Western press/media and leaders should play a part to restore people's rights in Arabia and force their governments to implement democratic set-up under UN supervision in entire Arabia. Thanks.