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Re: To Sanjeev Kulkarni
By:Mukhtar Alam, India/UK
Date: Friday, 19 October 2018, 5:55 pm
In Response To: To Sanjeev Kulkarni (Kaukab Siddique, Baltimore)

Kaukab is clear KAFIR. You are a Sanatan Dharmi accepting MOWLA Ali NOORUN ala NOOR and sharing its sharing in the language of the folks.

Kaukab is a terrorist, Satanist, KAFIR.

MUSLIMEEN are pure community of Imams as the leader of aal e AHL e TATHEER,the result of the prayer of prophet Abraham SUH and HP in the light of verse 2:124 decreed NOORUN ala NOOR in verse 24:35 and MUSTAFA in verse 3:33,34 as KHALIFATULLAH, SHIA of each other in being 100 per cent MUSLIM whose obedience is mandatory for momineen and mominaat in the light of verse 4:59 for the obedience of Allahussamad and prophet Mohammad SUH and HP in our age and all the ages. In this light, return to prophet Mohammad SUH and HP in our age means acceptance of the 49th Imam and Fatimid KHALIFATULLAH at the seat of Imam Mahdi and Fatimid KHALIFATULLAH Imam Hussain.. I found this out in the 2010. Here is the list of seats of divinely chosen Imamat for momineen and mominaat.https://ismailignosis.com/2018/07/11/the-seats-of-the-ismaili-imamat-from-medina-to-lisbon-632-2018/ Please consider checking other articles on the site. The word Ismaili Imamat is a reference to both prophet Ismail and Ismail bin Imam Jaafar Al Sadiq which accepted by 20 million muslims globally.

Muhammad Mukhtar Alam,Ph.D.

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