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Imran Khan do noy worry at all
By:Abullah Bashoeb, Jeddah
Date: Tuesday, 9 October 2018, 1:06 am
In Response To: The incredible, beautiful, unique Pakistan (Sarah Allen, USA)

Salam to all

Imran Khan is doing very good job but he needs help of Allah Jallashanuh and that will come by Islamic laws and Islamic values. King Andul Aziz was a saint (wali Allah).

After combining all the tribes and areas he made a new Arab State we call it Saudi Arabia. But he had nothing to deliver to the people. He was an A'alim and Muffasir of Quran. He prayed to Allah for sustenance of his people and imposed Islamic laws. In return Allah Jallashanuh rewarded his family and his country which is continuing and will continue Insha Allah.

Imran Khan cannot do all these things at a time but he can immediately order closure of shops and offices at the time of Namaz (Prayer). Next moment Allah Jallashanuh's mercies and unabated torrential rains of bounties will start showering in Pakistan.

Our Rasool Sallaho Alaihe Wassallam did not take any loan from any empire. Prophetic way of seeking Allah's unimaginable reward is Islam and only Islam but not the lip service. At least he must do this simple start and show the whole world a new Saudi Arabia.

Our people are most devout towards Islam and prayers. All will cooperate whole heartedly. Almighty Allah Jallashanuh's help and assistance will be visible next moment Insha Allah.

Pakistan (real citadel of Islam) Zindabad.


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