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Re: Serious stuff about Islam
By:Ali Syed New Jersey
Date: Thursday, 4 October 2018, 9:50 am
In Response To: Re: Serious stuff about Islam (Dr Shabbir, Florida)

There are two Islams.

1) Islam Deen (A constitution) of Quran brought by Prophet Mohammad (S) for the mankind on Earth. The teaching of Quran elevates mankind to the highest level of humanity. The followers are the best people like angels flying in the air in this whole world. This Quran is the only book which can defend itself. No need of anyone to support it.

2) After capturing Iran by Hazrat Umar Farooq (RA) army the loyalist of the king of Iran came and started spreading fake stories, fake Hadees attributed to Prophet (S) and false explanation of Quran and succeeded in deviating illiterate people.
After the death of Prophet Mohammad (S) 150 to 250 years later certain learned Persian writers disguised themselves as great Imams and started writing fake books. I call those fake Imams the notorious criminal writers against Islam. Here are a few names Abu Hanifa, Shafi, Malik, Hanbal who succeeded in dividing Islam Deen into four Islam religion. Later other fake Imams like Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawood, Nisai, Tirmizi and many more wrote several books and replaced Islam Deen with their own fake Islam Mazhab (religion).

Muslims for over a thousand years and till today are following fake Islam religion not the Islam Deen of Quran. The Mission of those Persian writers was to throw the entire Ummah down to the gutter and they have succeeded..
To know Quran, one must understand the laws of nature. The rest is all crystal clear.

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