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Aga Khan and his clan
By:Qasim Ali Ismail, Gilgit
Date: Wednesday, 3 October 2018, 6:13 pm

The Facts about Sect leader Aga Khan and his clan

While the some Muslims countries and organization are investing in Pakistan, Aga Khan is looting Pakistan Aga Khan Foundation "bought over 200 billion dollars worth Habib Bank for only 10 billion dollar."

Aga Khan Foundation is exempt from Taxes, Sales taxes and duties and hence Aga Khan Hospital can buy the dame chemicals for 1/3rd to 1/4th prices as compared to any other organization in Pakistan . Aga Khan Foundation was given absolutely free 300 acres of land in Malir by Mushraf (An indeed a big theft and corruption)

Aga Khan took over many amenity plots for peanuts and prohibited offering Salah in those Jamat Khanas which do not face Ka'bah and when genuine Ismailis went to the High Court Aga Khan proudly said that no one is permitted to offer Salah in those Jamat Khanas and when poor, elderly, fragile Akber Ali made a small mosque in front of Jamat Khana n Karimabad, Federal B Area Karachi, he was shot dead one fine morning by Ismaili Fidaeen. These Fidayeen who also work as MQM Ghundas [thugs] also killed Syed Salahuddin of Takbeer when he wrote a detailed article about Aga Khan's designs for Chitral. These same people shot dead Mulana Ubidullah Chitrali when he published a small pamphlet about underground designs and aims of Aga Khan in Chitral

It is true that Zia Ul Haque handed over 100 acres of land for Aga Khan Hospital but in return what poor people of Pakistan got? Nothing. Even if a dead body comes to Aga Khan Hospital the hospital may fetch several hundred thousand rupees.

Every years thousands of Aga Khanis migrate from India to Karachi and other parts of Sindh but both criminal MQM and Jeye Sindh remain silent and Government of Pakistan despite knowing all the facts keep its eyes shut

It was stupidity of Zia Ul Haque when he praised only the building of Aga Khan and did not see the intentions and aims behind it.

Now Aga Khanis are being given Educational Boards to destroy the moral and ethical fabrics of Pakistan.