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Re: Serious stuff about Islam
By:Mubashir, Canada
Date: Wednesday, 3 October 2018, 2:42 pm
In Response To: Serious stuff about Islam (Brother Ismail, UK/USA)

Sex with slave girls

Joseph Islam

"......To get a proper understanding of this topic, one has to rely on the Quran first and foremost. Any good Muffassir (Quranic exegetic) takes this approach whether modern or classical.

The common interpretation of the term ‘those that your right hands possess’ as captive girls (with whom one can have free sex) is not warranted by the Quran.

To enable a truer understanding of the Quranic position, one must be willing to divorce themselves from the plethora of extra-Quranic material which not only poses theological problems but also at times stands contradictory to the Quran itself.

Firstly, the term ‘ma malakat aymanukum’ (Literally: What your right hands possesses) is not gender specific and as an idiomatic expression, applies to ‘those that one keeps in protection and honour’. This can include captives, slave girls, maidens, servants (fatayatikum 4:25) etc. Please note that the ‘right hand’ has a somewhat glorified meaning in the Quran which is apparent from its usage in different contexts (e.g. those on the right hand in heaven; books of one’s deeds given to the right hand etc).

It is also apt to note that affluent women would have also most likely to have possessed men slaves. This is confirmed by the usage of the idiomatic expression 'ma malakat aymanuhunna' when used in reference to women's possession. It would be inconceivable to conclude on the basis of this expression, the permissibility of women to engage in ‘free sex’ with their male slaves or captives...."


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