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By:Athar Muin, Canada
Date: Monday, 1 October 2018, 12:57 am
In Response To: chinese-repression-of-uighur-muslims (Arjun Das, Kerala)

Times of India need to worry about wholesale massacre in Kashmir. Did you listen to the strong response of Pak govt Sheikh Rasheed to Indian clownish army chief? "If you commit aggression against Pakistan, we will retaliate so hard that no grass will grow and no birds will chirp in India."

Uighurs will devour China sooner or later. Whole of Central Asia is ethnic Turkic therefore closer to Uighurs. The apparatchiks rulers of Central Asian countries are puppets of Putin the war criminal.

Check BBC archive years back with Riz Khan as moderator has special on Central Asia. The conclusion was Communism will have its last stand in Central Asia but Islam will be the ultimate winner.

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