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Re: NY Times - Islam: It’s Not a Religion (Linda
By:A Sayed (South Africa)
Date: Saturday, 29 September 2018, 9:30 am
In Response To: NY Times - Islam: It’s Not a Religion (Linda Goodman, USA)

Bjorkman: First Amendment applies to “all peoples of all faiths and no faith at all.”

The Qur’an (42:13) states:

God has ordained for you all, the same System of Life that He enjoined upon Noah - And We have revealed to you (O Prophet Muhammad) the same message as We enjoined upon Abraham, Moses, and Jesus: “Establish the Divine System of Life and make no divisions or sects in it.” (O Prophet) the unity you call to, it is hard upon the idolaters. God draws to Himself everyone who is willing, and guides to Himself everyone who turns to Him for guidance“. [Sects vs. Unity: 3:32, 3:104, 6:160, 30:31, 42:13, 45:17-18]

Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (s) were not founders of any Religion. They all followed “the Creeds of Abraham”. Hence, they explained the Word of God in the context of God’s Work in Nature, which does not change with time and space. Besides, all of them were instructed not to say or do anything that was not revealed to them in spreading the Message so that they may establish absolute Unity between all the Books and Prophets of God over all time and place.

Therefore, there is no difference between the true teachings of the Old and New Testaments of the Bible and the Qur’an except for the mistranslations, interpretations, interpolations, etc.

Similarly, according to the Creeds of Abraham, Bible and Qur’an are not “Books of Religions”. They are “Life Guides”, which ask us to believe in God as Designer, Creator, Sustainer, Protector, etc, of our Universe without believing in Religion and to follow the secular and scientific path of the creation without being Godless.

According to Michael H Hart, in his book, “The 100: Most Influential People in History”, Prophet Muhammad (s) was only one who was “most extremely successful in both the secular and religious levels”.

Therefore, if there is any difference between the Divine System and science then it is because science is inconsistent with the Laws of Nature.

For example, while plants and animals establish “certainty of knowledge” by the methodology of ilm-ul-yaqin (certainty of knowledge by inference and reasoning), ayn-ul-yaqin (certainty of knowledge by seeing and observing) and haqq-ul-yaqin (absolute knowledge, like this is a tree, etc), science establishes its knowledge according to its “science based” and “evidence based” methodology, which is not natural to our Universe.

If science has constructed it methodology to support its belief in the Theory of Evolution, then it would be foolish for us not to question science both for its methodology and its Theory of Evolution?

All those who wish to criticize, abandon or ban Islam, may do so, but the loss will not be that of Islam. It will be theirs?

Best Regards,
AK Sayed (South Africa).

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