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To all Hindu bigots
By:Mukesh Jiradi & Yazdi, Mumbai
Date: Monday, 24 September 2018, 5:40 pm

Dear Hindu bigots,

I have allotted one hour a week to respond to your posts. This is .0067 % time in a week. My job is easy and I enjoy it. My main premise is that you ( and all other RSS type Hindus on this board ) are hopelessly biased towards Islam and Muslims and you have yourself declared on more than one occasions that you want to destroy Islam and actually kill as many Muslims as possible, and I believe you ( Trishul and Prem belong to your same species too ). This means that you are unable to see the Truth when it comes to the matters related to Islam, Muslims etc This is called Cognitive Dissonance and is quite real. This psychological problem is seen in political and religious discussions where the opponents do not see any good in the other party's POV. Any judge in the US will throw you out of any Jury being selected to try a Muslim because of this very reason. You are literally blind to the truth on these matters. This is also called " the Way of God ' (sunnatallah) in the words of the Glorious Quran where the person's heart is sealed by his / her repeated rejection of the truth and finally he does not recognize it even if it stares him in the face. I think the scant time I have is enough to crumble your sand castles built on lies and half truths.

If Parsees were safe, there was no reason for them to migrate to India. Do you know when people have to leave their homelands?

You deliberately keep talking nonsense on this matter. What I have said is that it is not just the Hindu rulers of India who protected the Parsis in India for approximately 300-400 years (7 th to the 11 th century AD ) but from about the middle of 11 th to the middle of 18 th century, every single parsi lived under the Muslim kings of India and subsequently under the British. So actually Parsis of India have lived under the Muslims and the Christians for far longer than the Hindus. Take off your bigoted glasses and see the truth (I know you will not ).