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Re: Eric Dubay: 200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning
Date: Sunday, 23 September 2018, 10:25 am

More nonsense from another scientific illiterate.
If a pilot does not keep pushing the plane down he would fly off into space!
So pilots do not push their planes down and then they come to the edge of the flat earth and have to turn around before all the passengers see it and take selfies to prove the flat earth!

NASA conspiracy and now all pilots are in on the conspiracy to stop us from learning this earth is flat.
NASA is US based, but every country with satellites in space, including their arch enemy Russia, are also in on the conspiracy!
How many people does it take to be in a conspiracy before it becomes a fact or just baloney followed/believed by idiots?

9/11 conspiracy-US government did it, so to reveal the truth implicates the US government in mass murder. But flat earth? PS I do not believe in 9/11 conspiracy, I am just making a point.
Could someone please explain why we need to have a conspiracy to stop us knowing the earth is flat and not a globe?
What were the reasons the conspiracy was started and what would happen if we find out it is flat? Yes, I get it, everyone would go to the edge to have a look over the side, making the disc unstable and it would start rolling over, making it a spinning disc as opposed to a spinning globe!

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