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Re: Disgrace and disaster
By:Saeed Siddiq, Pakistan
Date: Friday, 21 September 2018, 11:08 pm
In Response To: Disgrace and disaster (Muhammad Rafi. Karachi)

‚Äč.....Actually there is a big conspiracy by the exploiting Mullas to keep the Ajami/Desi Muslims extremely backward in religious matters and rituals to dominate and rule us as our priests: Pope and Bishops, Gurus and Pundits, Monks.

.....That is why Allah has strictly prohibited priesthood in the Holy Quran (57:27/9:31,34) because they exploit the religion too much for their selfish interests to divide the Muslims into sects, sub sects, Maslak, Fiqah differences, religious groups and parties, cults of Pirs, Faqirs, Babas, Sajjada Nashins, Alims, Imams and their Shirk and Bidah practices, near worship of Mazars of dead saints and asking for DUA and help against Quranic directive that the dead can not listen

......And instead of promoting education and knowledge, moderation as Ummath Wasth (2:143) in religious matters and rituals and to become One Ummah (49:10), the exploiting Mullas promote illiteracy of Holy Quran through simple reading/reciting and Hifz/memorization without understanding, extremism, Talibanism, sectarianism, killings, 'near worshiping' the Arabic language as if Allah is Arabic knowing only, excesses and over-acting in religious matters and rituals, over-belief in man-written weak and unauthentic Hadiths to deviate us, illegal building of Masjid and Madressahs every where in Pakistan etc. In Pakistan every big Mulla blackmail the government in religious matters and also receive secretly donations/grants for their Madressahs.

.....That is why the commercial Mullas particularly Masjid Imams avoid projecting and promoting all specific Guidance/Mohukamath (3:7) of Allah on all matters of life with solutions to problems. Instead they preach more and more weak and fabricated Hadiths, tales, stories, sayings and traditions not according to Holy Quran as required. There is specific Directive of Allah that HIS Words are neither changeable nor amendable not even by our Prophet (6:15/10:15,64,94-95,109/18:27/24:54/25:1,56/33:2,62/46:9). But the Mullas know that we lack Quranic knowledge to challenge them as we simply read/recite and do memorization/HIFZ of Holy Quran without understanding and treat Arabic as the holiest language of Allah only.

......Last Wednesday, I attended a senior meeting in the Masjid on Nugget Ave., Toronto and a big bearded Mulla lectured us on Islam and exploited bogus and fabricated Hadiths etc. to fool us. He also said that those who fast on 10th of Muharram, all their sins will be excused by Allah no where supported in the Holy Quran or authentic Hadith.

......Hence being a Universal Deen/religion, all of us should start reading of translation of Holy Quran again and again to understand Islam correctly to avoid all exploitation, deviation and priesthood domination on us.
......Avoid sending your children to theological/Mazhabi Madressahs to read/recite and memorize/HIFZ Holy Quran without understanding and learn Arabic which is a difficult language as its correct pronouncing is also very difficult.

......Actually Arabic is the common language of the Arabs: Muslims, non-Muslims: Christians, Jews etc. and as usual contains good and bad words, songs and dances etc. as in any other language. Please see this video: http://news8tv.blogspot.ca/205/04/ruthlessness-towards-Kalima-e.html in which a Saudi woman wears the Saudi flag with Kalima written on it on the stage. We condemn it as anti-Islamic but the Arabs take it lightly being their common language. This video has been removed by our Mullas to protect their own interest of religious domination on us.

.....Allah says HE bestowed the Holy Quran in Arabic to warn and guide the then deviated and erring Arabic people to embrace Islam and follow the Right Path of Allah (12:2/19:97/41:2,44/42:7/43:3). The previous three Holy Books of Allah were bestowed not in Arabic but in the then prevalent languages of the time to warn and guide the then deviated and erring people to HIS Right Path. Hence we should all read the Quranic translation to understand Islam correctly as Allah is above languages, dialects etc.

"Allah says that those (Ulemas/Mullas/Masjid Imams/Moulvees/Muftis/Maulanas etc.) who conceal the specific Guidance/Mohukamath (3:7) from being projected and promoted to guide the erring and deviated people to HIS Right Path and mix Quranic Truth with falsehood (like giving more importance to weak and fabricated Hadiths, tales, stories, sayings, traditions, Shirk, Bidah, un Islamic customs and practices, conflicting Arabic history after the demise of our Prophet) and make a livelihood by adopting Islam as a money earning profession will go to Hell (2:41-42,147,174,213/5:77/6:90/7:3/12:104/ 16:95/25:57/39:23)."

.......Hence avoid listening to such Khitabs/speeches which do not project/promote Quranic Mohukamath but based on weak and unauthentic Hadiths etc. not according to Holy Quran. While giving Chanda/donations to Masajid, please ask the Managements to direct their Imams to project/promote all Quranic Guidance/Mohukamath on all matters of life with solutions to problems mentioned in the Holy Quran like family quarrel, divorce proceedings up to three months with mediation for re-conciliation and not instant three times divorce as wrongly being practiced etc.
......Don't make DUA behind the Masjid Imams or ask any body else for DUA as it is Shirk being a personal matter between the human and Allah. Make your own DUA directly to Allah as HE listens directly (2:186/40:60/50:16).
.......Allah says that we should follow only those who are on the Right Path of Allah as per Holy Quran and never ask for any wages/payments (36:21).
......Please follow Allah and HIS Holy Quran along with only such Sahih Hadiths in the name of our noble Prophet which do not contradict the Quranic Mohukamath. Boldly reject weak and fabricated Hadiths etc. not according to Holy Quran. Follow Allah not the exploiting Mullas.
......Please circulate. May Allah guide us all to HIS Right Path, particularly the deviated Ulemas/Masjid Imams and others. Ameen.

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