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Re: Why I hate Pakistanis
By:Saeed Siddiq, Pakistan
Date: Friday, 14 September 2018, 5:54 pm
In Response To: Why I hate Pakistanis (Shaista Jabeen Pakistani, Lahore)

What has been written below is correct. Actually we non Arabic, Ajami Muslims due to lack of Quranic knowledge, depend on Mullas for guidance instead of Allah and HIS Holy Quran.

.......Our Mullas who call themselves Maulana meaning 'associate to Allah/Moula' have imposed their priesthood on us banned by Allah (57:27/9:31,34) because they exploit the Deen too much to keep us under their religious control.

.......The word Maulana is banned in Arabia, Iran and even in Afghanistan where they are called Mulla only. We should be bold enough to stop calling them Maulanas and instead call them Mulla or Mullaji at the most.

.......Allah direct us to make DUA directly to HIM as HE listens directly (2:186/40:60/50:16) without any 'Wasila/Imam/Pir/Faqir/middleman/intermediary etc. Therefore be bold to ask the Masjid Imams to stop making DUA for all Namaziz after Namaz. The duty of a Masjid Imam is to lead prayers only which any Muslim can do. They have become 'Hud Haraam' Mullas to dominate us like Pope and Bishops, Gurus and Pandits, Monks debarred by Allah.

.....Arabic Quran was basically meant for the then deviated and erring Arabic people to warn and guide them to the Right Path of Allah (12:2/19:97/41:2,44/42:7/43:3).

…....But our exploiting Mullas under a big conspiracy to keep us religiously backward, have made Allah an Arab and Arabic knowing only. Actually, Arabic is the common language of the Arabs: Muslims and non-Muslims, Christians, Jews, atheists etc.

.......Our exploiting Mullas to keep us further religiously backward have cornered to Islam to so called five pillars only to promote their religious craze to build Masjid and Madressahs near to each other to promote ritualistic Islam, five times prayers, Hajj and Ummra craze, simple reading, reciting and Hifz/memorization of Quran without understanding as if the Holy Quran is in danger, lecturing each other to follow Islam, making big and long Dua in Arabic after Namaz which they themselves don't understand, deliberately delaying JUMA/Eid Namaz with two long Azans, two long vague Khitabs/speeches without touching Quaranic Mohukamath, and then two long Arabic Qutbas--instead of ONE--to impress us, collecting donations by falsely promising Jannah to donors, mass Qurbani after Eid ul Adha Namaz hardly done in Arabia particularly Saudi Arabia being linked to Hajj performance only,

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