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Why I hate Pakistanis
By:Shaista Jabeen Pakistani, Lahore
Date: Friday, 14 September 2018, 5:32 pm

Why am I Anti Pakistanis? Yes, I am a born Pakistani.

In the entire world of Social Media, no other nation is as noisy about Islam, religion and country as Pakistani Muslims are.

Most of the Arabs in Canada and other western countries are not even noticeable because of their fair complexion.

In other words if you ask a non Muslim in western countries to point out a Muslim in the crowd, 99% chances are he will point towards a Pakistani and tell you that he is a Moslem. (Right?)

Unfortunately this Pakistani nation is the one who is creating obnoxious scenes in UK, USA, France, Sweden.
Who is raping women in Sweden?
Who is beating white people and holding pro Islamic violent demonstration in UK?
Who blocks roads and street during Friday prayer in every western country? Who leaves their vehicles at other people’s drive way during Friday prayer
Who mainly breaks the law?
Who throws garbage in the street of Pakistan?
Who looks dirty and ugly?
Now unfortunately who is the spurious advocate of Islam on social media?

Now I am logically going to prove you that Muslims and especially Pakistanis are not Muslims and they have nothing to do with love for Prophet (SAWW).

Law of nature is that Empty Vessels make most noise. So according to this a noisy, vocal person must be empty of all the claims he is making. Correct?

Sure enough when I visited Pakistan and observed the nation, I noticed that this nation lies more than any body else in the world.

They stare at women as if they are going to get her pregnant simply by gazing at her ( Dirty and sick penetrating stare). At that moment they don’t even care that she is the Ummah of their beloved Prophet (SAWW).

The highest number of People who visit porn sites are from Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

They claim everyday how much there is respect for women in Islam but yet they pray to have a baby boy.

In Islam Man is supposed to give his wife dowry but in Pakistan ( like Hindus) women gives dowry to her husband.

In Every Islamic Country man is supposed to live in a separate house with his wife because husband’s brother and all other men-relatives are na mahram . But against Shariah, in Pakistan Husband lives with his parents and siblings after marriage and his wife moves into his in-law’s house and serves the entire family.

These are just few examples I have given to show how Pakistani/indian Muslims are in fact Hindus with Islamic names and how they are making Islam look bad.

Now I am going to talk about a very touchy subject.

These days again there is so much noise about the caricature of Prophet in Holland. Too much noise, Too much noise.

O Stupid Pakistanis and Muslims either be such a strong nation that others would be scared to mock you and your religion, and if you are not a strong nation then at least keep your mouth shut and ignore it,.

What does a father do in eastern countries when his daughter is raped or shamed?

Parents don’t make too much noise to avoid inviting further shame to the daughter

If you really loved your prophet you would not flare this up. You are making every person in the world know that people are making cartoons of your prophet. So that everyone will be interested in watching that movie and watching those cartoons.

People in past have made such kind of movies against EIsa ( Jesus) also. But Christians did not take notice, finally the instigator stopped. But you Muslims ( especially Pakistani Muslims) can not keep your mouth shut.

O ‘Scholars of Pakistan, instead of making so much noise, why don’t you go to Holland and stop that man. ? Can you? Do you have balls?


So why don’t you just shut your mouth and instead of making a fool of yourself and instead of inviting more disgrace to your prophet, keep your actions in check.

Again like 2016 you are promising you will not use google, FB and You tube and again like every time you wont live without these things for more than few hours. So why make these empty threats again and again.

Non Muslims just laugh at your empty threats.

This nation “Pakistanis” day and night showing her hatred toward India. Very vocal on social media. They make threats after threats against India. But they are addicted to Indian Movies and they have memorized Indian actors’ name as if they are the historical heroes of Islam.

As mentioned before they claim day and night how much they love Pakistan but yet everyone is throwing garbage in the street.

They tell us how bad USA is and how anti Islamic western countries are but yet they are dying to get US immigration.

This whole lengthy post can be summarized in one sentence.

Empty Vessels make most noise.

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