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Mullahs & Mosques
By:Saeed Siddiq, Pakistan
Date: Monday, 10 September 2018, 8:14 pm

1. We Desi Muslims nearly 'worship' the Holy Quran instead of reading and understanding it through its translation. In the West, the Masjid builders falsely promise Jannah to make money in the name of Islam by fooling the Ajami Muslims lacking Quranic knowledge. Our Masid Imams in their Juma Khitabs do not project all Quranic Guidance/Mohukahmath of Allah on all matters of life deliberately to keep us confused and deviated. The basic aim of Allah is to guide the deviated and erring humanity through Holy Quran, a complete way of life, so that the Muslims follow the Right Path of Allah to achieve HIS Blessings. The Mullas deliberately give importance to weak Hadiths, tales, stories, traditions etc. mixed with some Quranic verses to confuse us and keep us deviated and dependent on the Mullas as our Demi Gods for guidance.

2. The Masjid Imams will never speak on various forms of Shirk and Bidah, un Islamic customs and practices, 'Mazar Worship' of dead saints, religious extremism, excesses in rituals like Hajj Badal, mass Qurbani on Eid by those not performing Hajj resulting in wastage of money instead of helping the poor and the needy, falsehood, false oaths, bad character, Zina/adultery, homosexuality, wastage of money on building show piece Masajid instead of economical ones, wastage of water in Wudu, anti Islamic practices by Pirs/Faqirs/Babas/Aamils/magicians and their Taawiz, Ganday, Jadoo, Tona, special Dua business etc. The Holy Quran also covers simple and arranged marriages with due consent of the brides, sex, emission of semen, pregnancy, child birth, avoiding sex with woman during menses, family quarrel, mediation, divorce not instant three times divorce but extending it to monthly divorce up to three months etc.


3. To raise funds for the Masjid building, the Masjid managements engage commercial Alims on 10% commission of the amount received to exploit Islam fully and play with religious sentiments of the Muslims and promise Jannah falsely to donors to empty their pockets. The big tragedy is Allah's House is put to auction from a big amount to a lower amount and the Masjid Management also plant some 'bogus donors' to bid with a big amount to create sensation for others to donate. Thus Allah is made poor in 'HIS OWN HOUSE' for the sake of money making. The late ex Pop Singer, Junaid Jamshed adopted Islam as money-making profession and he was invited by various Masajid in the west for fund raising.

4. So long as our exploited non-Arabic, Ajami Muslims lacking Quranic knowledge bow before the commercial Mullas as their demi Gods and get exploited at their hands, nothing is going to change. The Masjid Managements mostly indulge in misuse of funds with bogus payments also. In the West there are hundreds of court cases. They generally paste a certificate from the Chartered Accountants showing the final Accounts/Balance Sheet to advertise that every thing is alright. But what the donors/Namaziz don't know is that the Chartered Accountant hardly check each and every detail accounts of debit and credit/expenditure even of the bogus works, bogus payments, fraudulent transactions etc. unless pointed out. This is the job of auditors to check and pass the accounts. Hence it is not the duty of C.A. to check each and every transaction/expenditure charged whether correct or bogus. But we are fooled to believe that the CA certificate is final proof that nothing is wrong with the Masajid accounts. Be careful in future. Instead please help the poor and the needy and do community service to achieve Allah's Blessings.

5. Hence all Muslims, please be aware. Read the Quranic translation in your own language to know, understand and follow the Guidance of Allah instead of being exploited and deviated by the Mullas. Islam is not confined to so called Five Pillars only. The whole Holy Quran is the Pillar of Islam and all the Mohukamath/Guidance/Directives (3:7) of Allah are to be followed in letter and spirit. Tilawath means to read, understand and follow/practice all the specific Guidance of Allah in the Holy Quran and not simply reading/recitation and HIFZ of Holy Quran without understanding as preached by the Mullas to impose their religious domination on us. The Mullas don't explain the meaning of Tilawath in order to keep you in the dark. Allah wants you to follow and practice the whole Mohukamath (3:7) not simply five pillars only. The whole Quran is the Pillar of Islam. Thus those who ignore the other Mohukamath are committing great sins.

6. Further please follow only such Hadiths, tales, stories, sayings, traditions, so commonly exploited by our Mullas which are in conformity with the Holy Quran as Allah's Words are neither changeable nor amendable (10:15,64, 94-95.109/16:64/18:27/24:54/25:1,56/33:2/46:9). Don't follow commercial Mullas who conceal Quranic Guidance from being projected and mix truth of Quran with false and weak Hadith etc.to confuse and deviate us and also those who have adopted Islam as a livelihood against Quranic prohibition ( 2:41-42,159,174-175/6:90/9:34/16:95). This is a Fi Sabil Illah work to earn the Blessings of Allah and our Beloved Prophet was also strictly prohibited by Allah to earn a living on Islam (12:104/25:57). He worked hard to make a living.

7. Our Mullas/Imams/Mauzins should also follow this TRUTH and avoid being HUD HARAM. Imamath and Azan giving are not a full time job and any Muslim can give Azan and lead the prayers. Hence the Imam and Mauzins should at least work for the upkeep and maintenance of the Masjid along with the Khadims to make their income HALAL. Further, Islam is a common man's DEEN and we are all answerable to Allah alone with no Sifarish/Wasila/Intercessor/recommendee in between Allah and HIS creations which is SHIRK (10:18). Hence avoid making DUA behind any Imam after Namaz as it is SHIRK as the Imam himself needs Allah's Blessings like us.

8. Further there is no concept of Hifz or doing Tilawath/recitation of Quran without understanding and the Holy Quran was not at all bestowed for doing so. It was bestowed by Allah on our Prophet to preach, project and warn the disbelievers to come to the Right Path of Allah and follow the entire Quranic directives/Mohukamath in totality not just the so called five Pillars invented by the Mullas to promote Puja Pat rituals and build more and more show piece Masajid and Madressahs and collect money/donation to make a living and indulge in misuse of funds. Actually the Whole Quran is the Pillar of Islam and all the Guidance/Muhikhmaths have to be followed in totality to earn the Blessings of Allah. Those who deviate from Holy Quran and confine it to so called five pillars along with weak and unauthentic Hadiths etc. are committing great sin. Please make TAUBA and follow the Holy Quran in totality and avoid exploitation and misguidance by the commercial Mullas/Imams who have adopted Islam as a money earning profession and sit idle and HUD HARAM in their homes.

9. Please make copies and circulate to all Muslim brothers and sisters and also to the Imams and Mauzins of your Masjid and please start reading of easy translation of Holy Quran to understand and follow Islam correctly without exploitation. Ask your elder children to follow this and not to get exploited and misguided. The Madressahs should be upgraded into schools as the current seminary system has been copied from Christianity, Hinduism, Budhism which turn out Bishops, Cardinals, Pope; Gurus and Pundits and Monks respectively. Islam promotes academic education (96:1-6) covering complete way of life (5:3) including character building, living a life of piety and righteousness and performing good deeds and avoiding all sins and evils, deviations, exploitation, extremism, excesses, Shirk, Bidah, falsehood, un Islamic customs and practices, misguidance by Demi Gods, Taghoots etc. But our Mullas converted Islam into Puja Pat theology to build more and more Masajid and Madressahs to turn out Mulla generation and make money by sitting idle.

10. Therefore please follow Allah not Mulla and follow the entire Holy Quran in letter and spirit to achieve the Blessings of Allah. Please read the easy translation of Quran again and again to understand the Guidance of Allah and follow them. As for Hadiths not at all written by our Prophet but were written after more than hundred and fifty years after his demise, please verify each and every Hadith before acceptance whether they are in accordance with the Guidance of Allah otherwise reject them. There are sincere Mullas also who should come forward to save Islam from exploitation.


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