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Re: Br Sidqi's Dilemma
By:Sidqi, ca
Date: Friday, 7 September 2018, 7:44 pm
In Response To: Br Sidqi's Dilemma (shahalam, TX)

Here is my take since i dont buy dreams.
I am against welfare state as they all have failed. Corruption invariably seeps in and kills intention. I am not sure if quran ever recommended a welfare state, i will be needing reference on this from any one. Br. jawaid has very high expectations from welfare society, the kind which will only be available in heaven..Inshallah.
But here on earth we face disturbances, greed and other negative forces.

I believe only in industrialization which will provide growth, jobs and then propsperity. In urdu " Hissa baqadar jussa" mean we get what we earn. Western society has improved on this scale otherwise you and i wont be here.

Leaving oil rich countries aside, others like pakistan egypt etc are overloaded with man power but not industry, China have showed the way how they raised Incom per capita IPC in just half a century by going industrial and now follwoed by India.

Pakistan and egypt projects are always developed or run on borrowed money and in return give way to independence. Example>> Cpec, energy etc.
No one can give example if Pakistan ever completed any project itself.
Why would any country give you money and ask nothing since we have nothing to offer except raising taxes and making people more poor. More poverty means more religion, crime and man power export on boats through rough seas.

Britain have lost every industry against giants like China and far east, but being clever they developed safe heaven given to money deposited in their banks by criminals of the world. THey dont extradite any one with stolen money, thus create confidence to thieves of the world to bring more and more to their banks and properties. Example. Nawaz Shareef and million like him, on top are arabs.

If britain doesn't do that, they will be bankrupt in no time, since they have nothing to earn.

So now countries are propsperous either through industry or being partner in crime like Britain, Swiss, Spain or Panama state.
Lets go for one of the two choices.

Sidqi, ca

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