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I am free
By:Imam Kaukab Siddique, Baltimore
Date: Wednesday, 5 September 2018, 6:47 pm

Muhammad, pbuh, was a very forgiving person and forgave all those who attacked and abused him personally. As his followers, we too should forgive all those who abuse and insult us. So I am going to forgive you for abusing and insulting me.

When it came to attacks on Islam and attacks on Muhammad, pbuh, to undermine the Islamic community, or to violate the laws of God, or insults against women, or establishment of Riba based economy, Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, did jihad. In fact most of his life in Madinah was spent on the battlefield.

Pakistan's raison de etre is that it is an Islamic state whose foundation is the HONOR of the Prophet, pbuh, and the finality of prophethood. Blasphemy strikes at this foundation and has to be countered and crushed if we want Pakistan to survive. We cannot allow Islam to be trivialized. It is not America where even Jesus, pbuh, can be ridiculed.

Notice that in America anyone connected with the mujahideen fighting America is immediately arrested and given extensive prison terms. Many of these are "thought crimes." Even sending charity to families of people killed by the US can lead to your arrest. I have been investigated extensively, including all my friends and relatives [even my ex-wife and children]. I was spared because I have absolutely no connection with the mujahideen. Owing to First Amendment rights, I can still write about the mujahideen. America does not tolerate any challenge to its integrity although it is the most powerful country in the world. Pakistan is much weaker.

Blasphemy Laws can sometimes be misused. That does not mean that laws against blasphemy should be removed. Laws against murder cannot be repealed if they are misapplied. In fact if the westernized ruling class removes the laws, Muslim masses who love the prophet, pbuh, will take vigilante justice. Taseer was killed because he claimed that Blasphemy Laws should be removed. Such Laws can save us from civil war. Muslim masses will never accept ANY trivialization of the Prophet, pbuh, by the westernized ruling class.

The Prophet, pbuh, is not living in Pakistan. Blasphemy is not an attack on him as a person. It is an attack on us as an Ummah based on HONOR [Namoos] of the Prophet, pbuh. So there is no question of forgiveness. Blasphemy today is a form of cultural genocide.

Kaukab Siddique, PhD

[Taseer was the Governor of Pakistan's Punjab province who tried that abuse of the Prophet, pbuh, should not be punishable and Blasphemy Laws should be abolished. He was killed by a member of his security detail. The masses of Pakistan hailed the killer as a hero.]

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