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Quaid-e-Azam M.A.Jinnah / 13-14
By:Dr Shabbir, Florida
Date: Monday, 3 September 2018, 9:13 pm

Compliments to Quaid-e-Azam MAJ from contemporary leaders.

I cannot forget this great leader of Muslims all my life. [Sir Winston Churchill]
It will not be exaggeration to state that Jinnah was a history maker. Such leaders are born in centuries. [Benito Mussolini]
Not a single one among the greatest men in the history of India has achieved as much respect and reverence as Jinnah. [Bertrand Russel]
Jinnah was all honesty, truth and will power. He was an unbeatable adversary. I had accepted the assignment of viceroy in order to keep India united but there was a mountain of will and logic in my way. I had to surrender to him eventually. [Lord Mountbatten, interview to BBC in 1975]
M.A. Jinnah is determination personified. No one could bend him or his stance. [Dr Ambedkar]
If India gets independence from the British, only Jinnah can do it. [Gopal Krishna Gokhle]
M.A. Jinnah succeeded in his lofty mission because of his meticulous character. [Jawahar Lal Nehru]
If Muslims had one hundred Gandhis, Nehrus and Abul Kalam, and Congress had only one Jinnah, Pakistan would never have come into existence.] Vijay Laxmi Pundit, sister of Nehru]
As a political vanguard, no one in India was a match to Jinnah. He is a fearless and indomitable leader of the masses. [Raj Gopal Acharia]
Jinnah was unconquerable. He used to say that the word failure was unknown to him and how true he was! [Jagat Lal Narain]
Mr Jinnah is the most prominent personality in Asia. He is a most intelligent, far-sighted and logical politician and legislator. [Beverly Nicholson, “Dialogue with a Giant”]
Jinnah was a rare combination of intelligence, wisdom, valor and character. [Monty Chelmsford]
Jinnah was a political genius. His command of the English language was superior to us the Brits. He addressed crowds for hours and I never heard him stop to think for the right word. [Viceroy Lord Wavell]
Greed or fear did not exist in Jinnah’s dictionary. [Frederick James]
Jinnah fought every battle that came his way, never wavered and took his people to their glorious destiny. [Sir Stafford Cripps]
Quaid-e-Azam is a master legislator, politician and a most charismatic leader of Muslims. I do not remember winning a single argument against him. [Mahatma Gandhi]
The resolution was moved in the general session by Choudhury Khaliquzzaman who repeated M.A. Jinnah’s views on what led to the demand for partition.
It was a landmark document of Pakistan’s history. It formed the basis for the decision of Muslim League to struggle for one state [later named Pakistan] for the Muslims. The statement declared:
The Hindu press and leaders were quick to describe the resolution as the demand for the creation of Pakistan; some people began to call it the Pakistan Resolution soon after the Lahore session of the Muslim League. It is landmark document in history of Pakistan. Additionally, it stated:
That geographically contiguous units are demarcated into regions which should be constituted, with such territorial readjustments as may be necessary that the areas in which the Muslims are numerically in a majority as in the North Western and Eastern Zones of (British) India should be grouped to constitute 'independent states' in which the constituent units should be autonomous and sovereign.
In this session the political situation was analyzed in detail and why Muslims demanded a separate homeland to maintain their identification and to safeguard their rights. Pakistan resolution was the landmark in the history of Muslim of South-Asia. It determined for the Muslims a true goal and their homeland in north-east and north-west. The acceptance of the Pakistan resolution accelerated the pace of freedom movement. It gave new energy and courage to the Muslims who gathered around Muhammad Ali Jinnah for struggle for freedom.
Israel is the illegitimate child of the west. MAJ

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