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Sources for Geert Wilder cartoon !
By:abdalaziz ariff / indiana
Date: Saturday, 1 September 2018, 3:49 am

Whoever insults the Exalted Messenger [AS], his close relatives and the companions by any means, the Muslim feel the pain. But we have to know the source Geert Wilder got the ideas from, where Salman Rushdie got the idea for his book--. The three M [mulla, mufti and moulvis] should come out in the open, admit that these sources are not our books, our book is Qur’an. These TLP, AHLE HADEES AND BARELVIS[these three are hiding their true faces] are controlled groups, controlled by a very powerful group. This group has total say in the matter of school syllabus in Pakistan. Deobandis are a different beast. Tabari helped Salman Rushdie with his book.

Don’t you think its about time to burn the sources , then blaming others.[ The problem may not go away, we have to live with it ]

Geert Wilders’ Cartoons about Prophet Mohammad [AS]

All praise is due to Hayy-ul-Qayyoom the Lord of Universe who is closer to Person than his neck-vein and listens even what soul of person whispers.

This page is under Construction First of all we condemn this evil act of Islamophobe Geert Wilders who is defaming and insulting sole one True Path of One GOD Islam, the path of all Prophets even of Jesus and Moses 3:19, 3:85. However; we cannot deny that almost all blasphemous cartoon aired/published by Geert Wilders are based on hadith books which were fabricated 250 years after the death of Prophet by defeated enemies of Islam Persian Zoroastrians. All authors of Six Canonized Hadith books of Sunni sect falsely labeled as Sihae Sitta were concocted by defeated six pseudo Persian Imams. So morally, principally, logically, and rationally, that Six Persian Pseudo Hadith Imams from Persia were Great-Grandpa of Geert Wilders because their Books insult Last Prophet of GOD, Prophet Mohammad(s) more than cartoons of Geert Wilders. However, it is ignorance, stubbornness, and hypocrisy of all Jaahil Hadith followers that they kiss ass of these Persians Imams who has insulted Great-Man 68:4 Prophet Mohammad(s) more than Geert Wilders but they hate only demented Islamophobe Geert Wilders whom almost all cartoons are based on that fabricated Hadiths. Therefore; for this blasphemy of cartoons if Geert Wilders is responsible 7/10; then Persian Hadith Imams are responsible for this blasphemy 10/10. Geert Wilders do not want to learn truth that Mohammad(s) was mere a Divine Postman. His Only duty was to deliver Quran an go back to his Lord (Quran 29:18, 5:99, 42:48, 3:20). So there is no any rationality and logic to criticize Prophet Mohammad(s). He was an Innocent Messenger=Divine Postman of GOD. All Prophets were Great Pious Righteous People of GOD. Will God send bad people as Prophets? No way. Islam is Quran and just two verses of Quran shuts mouth of hater Geert Wilders and all Islamophobes of this Planet 2:190, 60:8 Because Geert Wilders is an hater, an Islamophobe, so he is using blasphemous contents of Hadith books against Islam, despite the fact: That all hadith Sunna and Seera books were forged centuries after Prophet Mohammad(s) and that Book are Himalaya of Fabricated tales. These books insult God, Prophets, Prophet Mohammad(s) and Quran but Ignorant Sunni and Shia sects and all ignorant Hadith followers kiss and love that all blasphemous Hadith Books. Fact is: Hater Geert Wilders is beating empty-heads of Jaahil Hadith followers with their own dirty shoes. Vast Majority of Muslims do not understand WHOLE Quran in their life which is Truth of all Truths and is the Greatest Treasure for mankind. Besides; 99% Hadith-followers neither understand whole Quran in their life nor they even read their all fabricated hadith books thoroughly. We know each word of Noble Quran; and we have read almost all so called hadith books. And we know: That Hadith books nakedly insult great-man Prophet Mohammad(s), Quran, all prophets and even Allah Jalla Aala. You are suggested to read our following two very important pages:

Now we will discuss one by one blasphemous cartoon of Geert Wilders and will show you that almost that all cartoons are based on fabricated hadiths.

1– In a Cartoon, Geert Wilders has shown that Muslims are drinking Piss of Camel under advice of Prophet. This fabricated disgusting lie comes from Book of Zoroastrian Bukhari which shows in one fabricated hadith that Prophet told people to drink camel piss as medicine (it mean there is no other medicine on planet except piss of camel). Quran uses over 50 times word Tayyab mostly for clean and pure food. Now how can we classify Camel Piss as Clean and Pure drink? No way. It is disgusting toxic smelly stuff. Therefore; to drink camel piss is against commands and ethics of Quran

2- In other Cartoon, Geert Wilders has shown…

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