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ING’s Muslim-Jewish Engagement
By:Maha Elgenaidi, Oman-Muscat
Date: Saturday, 1 September 2018, 12:13 am


https://ing.org/author/maha/ This is actually the full interview; the first post on my blog.

Re: the occupation, I’ve taken public positions on my Facebook page against the occupation for years calling it out as an occupation long before many Muslim activists did. As I have been openly critical of Israeli policies. A case in point is being recently uninvited from an invitation to join the American Jewish Congress (AJC) Muslim-Jewish Advisory committee for raising questions about their stances on Israel.

Re: selling out to Jewish organizations, not sure how am I doing that in this interview, or have ever done that in my last decades of interfaith work for the sake of Muslims. We’ve done nothing but educate about Muslims and Islam in Jewish institutions where we’ve done dozens of our presentations. How often have we held interfaith panels to learn about religions?

Fear Allah before you go around attacking hard-working Muslim activists.

Please forward this to the list where this shameful person posted the original note.

Maha Elgenaidi

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Subject: [MK-MBA] Re: ING’s Muslim-Jewish Engagement Work Featured in JValley Magazine

Al-Salaam Alikum,

Person with this line of flawed thinking must not have experienced an occupation at any level.

What a shame.

This is how Muslim leadership sells out to Jewish organizations, full article link at the bottom:


The Muslim and Jewish communities are close mirrors of each other in many ways. The other thing we are learning is that while some Muslims are Arabs, many come from Southeast Asia, bringing a different perspective to the Israeli situation, further facilitating conversation.


That’s a good point. Interestingly Palestine is not central to the identity of many Muslims as Israel might be to Jews. I really think it would be of benefit to Muslims to learn more about the significance of Israel to Jews, not necessarily for acceptance but for understanding. As long as Jerusalem is open to all for pilgrimage, we should be able to find a compromise that works for Palestinians and Jews primarily, and for Muslims and Christians around the world.