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Not the Last Achievement of PM Imran Khan
By:Abdur Rahim, Karachi
Date: Friday, 31 August 2018, 2:09 pm
In Response To: First Achievement of PM Imran Khan (Saliha Qazi, Islamabad)

Salam to all

This is Syed Abdur Rahim from Karachi, Gulistan-e-Jauhar. Imran Khan will be remembered as a great Muslim leader like Nooruddin zangi (Ramatu Allahe alie). He is the only Muslim ruler to raise voice against those who want to insult the last Prophet of Allah Hazrat Mohammad Saallahoalihewassallam (Peace be upon him). He has taken practical step to let cunning, so called humanity loving and fake civilized Europeans know that Muslims are not dead. No doubt US is also their favourite. They will surely try to eliminate Imran Khan since their problem is only and only Islam and Islamic values. Quranic verse is very clear that they will never accept Muslims as their friends unless Muslims clearly declare themselves as non-believers. if anyone desecrates Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him), he becomes very much beloved to them. Qaidianis, Sulman Rushdee, Taslima Nasreen (and some political leaders who want to do harm to any Muslim country especially Pakistan) are all their valuable assets.

But Imran has nothing to worry. He has grasped the help and mercies of Allah Jallashanuh. He must stick to this noble cause. He will become a successful ruler and will be remembered for ever Insha Allah.

My request to |mran Khan is that he should start implementation of Islamic laws in Pakistan gradually. First of all he should at least order closure of shops and offices at the time of prayer. This will be a landmark step towards Islamic laws implementation and he will become most beloved in the hearts of all Muslims and of course in the look of Allah Jalla shanuh. Also this is prophetic and Quranic cure of all corruptions. Allah Jallashanuh will shower countless mercies on him.

Media, even so called moulvi Javed Chawdhry of Express news and bearers of loose character mentally sick politicians are at war with Imran. He must ignore all and continue his mission to build Pakistan a very stable and strong citadel of Islam.

I wholeheartedly pray to Allah Jallashanuh for Imran's success in his sacred and blessed missions.


Fee Amanillah

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