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Jealous abusers of Muslims
By:Gulshan Alawi, UAE
Date: Wednesday, 29 August 2018, 1:17 am

Only Allah knows what is the whole truth.

It is absolutely kufar ways to abuse Saudis as Zionist agent, scum bags and Wahabis.

If they are keeping good relationship with Jews, and American leaders it is for the best for all the Muslims. They aren't like hidden enemies Zionist supporters fighting against Islam.

Wake up jealous abusers of Muslims.

Everybody has their faults nobody is perfect. That doesn't mean we should abuse Saudi Muslims with such evil statements. These are same abuses as the fake Muslim Agakhani Imami jihadis sent to us.

Learn to recognize the real scum bags and Zionist agents.

Who are hidden secret enemies of Islam and Muslims, who are fighting against Islam to eliminate it including killing of the true Muslims, including the converts who leaves their cults.

That is if you care about Islam speak up against the real hidden enemies.

You people have no idea about the fake Imam Agakhan's cult mixture of Sikhism-Hinduism-Ismailism. That started in 17thc. in India by an Iranian Shia apostate an atheist. Even the 2nd. fake Imam an atheist has continued the religious and financial frauds established by his Grand father the 1st. Agakhan fake Imam.

Don't you think that it is a heinous crime to lie and deceive innocent people about the religions and fight against Islam?

Didn't Rasool SAWS come to eliminate Idol worship?

Yet the fake Imams are continuing the Idol worship and ordering the followers to worship fake Imam as khuda-god.

Fake Imams made us and our families commit major sin.

Saudis aren't fighting against Islam, but in fact are holding on to the original Islam and due to this today more and more are coming towards Islam-millions.

We the converts think they are blessed by Allah who made them the holder of the flag of Islam and custodian of the Kaba.

We know the enemies out of jealousy can't stand them.

Open your eyes and know that Saudi is full of refugees since years. But enemies of Islam doesn't like to go to Muslim countries that will no tallow mumbo jumbo belief.

Although, the cultic Agakhanis are living in Saudi since years, but hiding under the fake ID of Shia and practicing their cult in the private buildings and creating problems among Muslims by using fake ID of Shia-in order to eliminate Islam.

You people have no eyes nor brains to recognize the real enemies. Who are worst than any 45 sects of Shia-enemies to each other, whole life wasting time to fight for Imamate and for their Imams.

Then there are others like Bhoras, Breveli, Ahmadiya, Rashad Khalifas, Deobandis, etc. Though, their belief and practices are open, nothing is hidden right or wrong, except the Agakhani cult is secret-anti-Islam, practiced behind the closed doors and none-Ismailis aren't allowed to enter temple Jamat khana, yet from surface using the fake ID of Islam..

Why don't you speak about them and their practices instead of going after the true Muslims who are holding on fast to the Rope of Allah and Muhammad SAWS?