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By:abdalaziz ariff / indiana
Date: Monday, 27 August 2018, 4:06 am

Ref: Religious Tales – Facts or Fiction. Allama Habibur Rahman Kandhalvi

Fairy tale continues !!! as they call us in the south muzlms!- surely are addicted to fairy tales.


It is commonly believed in INDO-PAK subcontinent and elsewhere, that HADRAT ALI
(Rd) was born in KABA. Our SUNNIES know only this much. But what is the actual
background of this story, would be reflected from some excerpts of MULLA BAQAR
MAJLISI's book, JALA-UL-OYOON , reported below. We are quoting some part of it,
because this fiction is long enough to unnecessarily take our fifteen to twenty pages. Being
brief, we reproduce here its important sections. MULLA BAQAR MAJLISI writes:-
'The mother of ALI (Rd) was conducted into KABA at the time of her delivery. She
started rubbing her belly with the wall of KABA. The wall gave-in and a door appeared, from
which a voice came:-
"O! mother of best of TESTATORS (AOSIA), come in and deliver the child."

So, she remained hidden in KABA for three days, and reached. her home with the new-born
offer three days, If one wants to know what miracles were seen due to ALI (Rd) and his
Mother on entering KABA, coming out and reaching home, and what revelations were made
to ALI (Rd) and his Mother, he should study JALA-UL-OYOON. He shall have INSHA
ALLAH comfortable and satisfying insight and the curtains of SABAISM will be lifted up all.
We reproduce below some excerpts from it, in support of what we intend to bring out:-
When FATIMA BINT ASAD, reached before KABA, she, first, cherished faith in
ALLAH and prayed for resolution of her hardship for the sake of the child in her womb. After
this, the wall cracked and FATIMA, entered in. People tried to open the gate of KABA, with
all the force at their command, but failed. Till all the residents of MACCA started talking
about it.
It may be remembered that name of HADRAT ALI's (Rd) mother was FATIMA BINT
ASAD. As per MULLA BAQAR MAJLISI, she believed in ALLAH before the advent of
Apostle hood, of the PROPHET (S.A.). Although the Quran proves that all those in MACCA
believed in ALLAH. But so far, the belief in Prophet hood is concerned, she got it only after
surrender of MACCA. So MULLAH BAQAR, left this aspect out. FATIMA BINT ASAD did
not pray to ALLAH for cure for sake of any PROPHET, but she requested (to get rid of her
hardship) for the sake of the child in her womb. If she would not have done so, how could
have our SUFIES, written in their prayers and genealogical trees:
" For the sake of ALI, the resolver of hardships".

First of all he resolved the difficulty of his mother, and relieved her of the hardship of
her womb. Had he not resolved this problem, how could have he taken birth, and FATIMA
would have been in trouble because of excessive time. This incident was so widely known that
it remained under discussion for long period of time. But, as the Companions concealed the
will of the PROPHET (S.A.) about him, and his KHILAFAT, the same, all the ARABS hid
this incident, and never mentioned it even slightly. It is through the courtesy of SABAEES and
AJAMEE's that we could know about this incident otherwise we would have remained
lamenting for not knowing it.

2. The fourth day, the wall of KABA cracked again and FATIMA BINT ASAD came
out and addressed the people, "ALLAH has given me excellence over all his creatures and
over all the women have lived before me , even on AASIA the wife of FAROAH and MARRY
the daughter of IMRAN, and the proof for it is that my baby has been born in KABA. And
over these three days I have been taking the fruits of Paradise. A voice from heavens told me
to name the baby ALI. 'As I am KHUDAVAND ALI AALA, and I have created him (the
baby) with my Potence and Grandeur. I have bestowed on him My Justice in entirety. I have
kept his name on My own name and have educated him in My own decorum and have
entrusted him with all My Functions and Orders. I have disclosed on him all My secret
knowledge. He is born in the respectable house. He will be first to call for prayers in KABA,
will demolish the Idols and will expel them from there. He will be IMAM and WASI
(successor) after My Prophet'.

In this discourse MULLA BAQAR MAJLISI, has explained the entire reality of his
religion. If we dilate on it , it will need a voluminous book. But some facts should be kept in
mind by the SUNNIES.
(a). FATIMA BINT ASAD was given excellence by ALLAH over all his creatures,
even on PROPHETS and ANGELS. FATIMA BIN ASAD is more honorable than
HADRAT MARYAM and AASIA. So the chief of the women of the world and the heavens,
considered so by mistake.
(b). ALLLAH created ALI (Rd), out of His Potential and Grandeur, although he
was born from the womb of FATIMA and seed of ABDE MANAF, the infidel. He named him
ALI on His name and entrusted him with all His functions and orders. So after his birth,
ALLAH did not have any thing to do. Now all is done by ALI (Rd). Thus in ISLAM, there are
two Gods, one is Passive God and the other is Omni potent. Although this Omni potent God, was
, all his life, overpowered by his subordinates. ALLAH had instructed FATIMA to name him
ALI. But, since, now, ALLAH had retired and all the Universe was under ALI (Rd) and his
mother FATIMA, she did not like the name ALI and named him HAIDER. This has been
admitted by ALI (Rd) in one of his poetic verses.
"My mother has named me HAIDER".
(c). He shall be the first person to raise the call for prayers, will demolish the idols
and would expel them from KABA. Whereas the first call for prayers in KABA was raised by
HADRAT BILAL (Rd), Then the PROPHET (S.A.) appointed the Companion HADRAT
ABU MAHZOORA (Rd) for calling to prayers. The idols in KABA , were demolished by
HADRAT UMAR (Rd) and threw them out of it, under the orders of the PROPHET (S.A.).
(d). He shall be IMAM and WASI, after My Prophet. When the status of
GODSHIP was acquired, where was the need for these two ordinary offices. And when he
was accorded IMAMAT, none agreed to accept him IMAM. Whatever little was gained, was
entrusted by his son, HASAN (Rd), to BANU UMAIYA. And since every IMAM enjoys the
right to appoint his WASI (successor), whether in life or at the time of death, the third IMAM
should be AMIR MOAVIYA (Rd), and he using his right, appointed YAZID his WASI and
3. When FATIMA reached home, the baby (the AMIR) saluted his father, in these
"O! my father, peace and benefaction of ALLAH be on you!". When the PROPHET
(S.A.) came he took the AMIR in, the skirt of his shirt. The Amir saluted him, in these word,
"O! PROPHET (S.A,) peace and benefaction of ALLAH, be on you".
With the omnipotence of ALLAH, the AMIR, recited SURA MOMINOON. The
PROPHET (S.A,) said, for your sake, all the momineen have been excused. The AMIR recited
up to the verse HUM FIHA KHALIDOON.
The PROPHET (S.A.) said "By ALLAH, you are their king and AMIR, and you will
provide them with the nourishment of KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM.

HADRAT EESA (A.S.) talked in the cradle. How could ALI(Rd), remain behind him.
He also spoke and the verses of SURA MOMINOON were revealed to him, before the
Apostleship of the PROPHET (S.A.), because in these verses grandeur of the Momins is being
described. And there is no other MOMIN on the surface of Earth, except the defamators
(TABARRAEES). For the sake of HADRAT ALI (Rd) all Momineen were excused on the
first day. So, they are free now, to do what they like, The Quranic verses are:-
"Those Momineen (believers) have succeeded who revere in their prayers, avoid trash,
pay ZAKAT, and guard their genitals except with their wives and slave girls. There is
admonition on them for it. And those choose some other courses apart from their wives and
slave girls, they are rebellious".

But since forgiveness had already been accorded, all is allowed for them.
They may talk in the prayers, adopt the vice of defamation (TABARRA) or imposture
(TAQAYYA), refuse to pay ZAKAT, or adopt MUTA (besides their wives and slave girl) to
fulfill their sexual desire, is admissible to them, rather reward able. But the problem is that, it
has been mentioned in the last verse, that they are the rebellious people. What can we say after
Of this style, the last sentence is, "You provide them with the nourishment of
Knowledge and Wisdom", although AI-Quran, has said so about the PROPHET (S.A.):
"And (the PROPHET (S.A.) educates them in Knowledge and Wisdom and makes
them pious".

Thus, this quality has been snatched from the PROPHET (S.A.) and bestowed on
HADRAT ALI (Rd). And all this is happening due to delivery, in the then temple of idols.

4. After this the PROPHET (S.A.) says to FATIMA BIN ASAD "Go, and
communicate the tiding to uncle HAMZA (Rd)".FATIMA, rejoined. "If I go away who would
feed him". The PROPHET (S.A.) said, "I shall feed him".
The PROPHET (S.A.) put his tongue in the mouth of HADRAT ALI (Rd) from which
twelve springs shot up. That is why it is known as day of TARVIA (YOUM-UT-TARVIA).
YOUM-UT-TARVIA, falls on 8th of ZILHAJJ. On this day, the Pilgrims (of
MAKKAH) leave for ARAFAAT for HAJJ. FATIMA BINT ASAD, returned home, soon after
the delivery of the baby. This was the first day after delivery. Women do not leave their beds
for a few days after delivery, but she was asked to call for, HAMZA (Rd), and ABDE
MANAF remained idle at home. Then there was not only one uncle HAMZA (Rd). There
were also ABU LAHAB and ABBAS (Rd). We can leave out ABBAS (Rd) as his family was
to get KHILAFA. But what was the fault of ABU LAHAB.

However the SUNNIES should remember, that there were twelve clans of the Jews
and for them twelve streams ran, because they could not share water in one. In the same way
twelve streams ran, in the mouth of AMIR and afterwards there came up, twelve IMAMS. Is
it not suggestive, that SHIAISM is a replica of JUDAISM. And as the twelve tribes of Jew
always remained rivals of each other the same way the progeny of HADRAT ALI (Rd) would
suffer from this rivalry.

5. When FATIMA (mother of HADRAT ALI (Rd) ) returned, she saw light from
Heavens to Earth. She wrapped the baby in a sheet of cloth, which the AMIR tore open (with
the might of ALLAH) and took his hands out. FATIMA brought a strong piece of cloth and
wrapped the AMIR in it. AMIR also tore it open. Then FATIMA brought six sheets of
DEEBA and wrapped on them a piece of leather. AMIR tore them all, and said let my bands
remain free, so that I could entreat before my ALLAH and praise him. At last he was left to
This must have been the day of worst mourning to ABDE MANAF. A man who could
not feed his children because of his poverty, should bear the burden of an additional son who
tore away all the clothes in the house. He must have been lamenting his fate. Perhaps, that is
why, he has not been mentioned in this story. He must have been struck with anxiety for
having such a strange child.
6. When, on the second day, the PROPHET (S.A.) went to the house of ABU
TAALIB, he took the AMIR, in his lap. The AMIR saluted him and requested to drink from
the STREAMS. On it FATHIMA said smilingly ;By God of KABA, the AMIR has recognized
the PROPHET (S.A.). So this day was named AREA.
7. On the third day, it was tenth of ZILHAJJ. ABU TAALIB told the people to attend
the WALIMA, of his son. He slaughtered three hundred camels, one thousand cows and sheep
for the feast, and invited the entire MACCA, and got announced, that, whosoever intends to
participate in the WALIMA of my son, should take seven rounds of KABA and salute my son.
For this reason, the day of sacrifice (YOUME NAHAR) is respected and celebrated like EID.
SACRIFICE ( of animals) was prescribed, this very day.
Is this story not enough to open the eyes of SUNNIES, that in the cover of this story,
the performance of HADRAT IBRAHIM (A.S.) HADRAT ISMAEEL (A.S.) and HADRAT
HAJIRA (A.S.) has been misappropriated and their Excellence plundered.
But, we have the right to ask MOLLA BAQAR MAJLISI and his comrades, that
WALIMA is held after marriage, which doll was this baby of 3 days, married to. Please,
describe the bride. If he means AQIQA, AQIQA is not called WALIMA. In the first instance,
AQIQA is held on the seventh day after birth, when the head of the baby is shaved. In fact he
wanted to supersede the instances of HADRAT IBRAHIM (A.S.), HADRAT ISMAEEL
(A.S.) and HADRAT HAJIRA (A.S.) and in this, he forgot that ABU TAALIB, was a pauper.
From where could he get so many camels, cows and sheep. And, before it, the same author
wrote on P-238 (Vol.-1) of JALA-UL-OYOON that the AMIR, was born on Friday 13th of
RAJAB. So the sacrifices should be held on 15th of RAJAB, and it should be known YOUMUN-
NAHAR, and 14th as YOUME ARFA and 13th as YOUME-TARVIA. Now only
SHAIAEES can tell which one of the two statement of their MUJTAIHIDS is wrong. If
HADRAT ALI (Rd) took birth actually on 13th of RAJAB, this story shall have to be
abandoned. Let us now see the real purpose of this story.
8. The PROPHET (S.A.) was so much in love with the AMIR, that he kept his cradle
near his bed-room. He cleaned and bathed him, and fed milk (or twelve streams) into his
mouth, Moved his cradle while he was asleep. Talked to him when he was awake and pressed
him to his bosom saying "He is my brother, my WALI, my supporter and successor of my
Wills. The PROPHET (S.A.) was thirty years at this time. He used to take him, to mounts,
forests and passes and educated him in the knowledge of ALLAH and his secrets. (JALA-ULUYOONP.248, Vol. 1 to P.251.
This is also to be noted, that this incident took place ten years before the advent of
Prophet hood. What were the secrets and information about ALLAH (at that time), which he
taught him (the AMIR). Obviously they did not concern QURAN or SUNNAH. Perhaps, this
is the reason that QUARN or SUNNAH, are taken by our SUFIES, as the apparent form like
outer skin, and so they preferred to live in the jungles, as compared to habitations.
Under (a) it has been said that the PROPHET (S.A.) went to the house of ABU
TAALIB. These words prove that the PROPHET (S.A.) lived separately, and that should have
been. Now he was married to HADRAT KHADIJA(Rd). How could he then give all that
treatment to HADRAT ALI (Rd). This could only be possible by taking HADRAT ALI (Rd)
to his place, No other thing could be possible. As otherwise, it will have to be supposed that
ABU TAALIB, could not keep even his suckling child, with him, due to poverty, which will
expose him completely.

Our SUNNI scholars should consider this story critically and should either change their
approach or narrate the whole story before the people. What more can we say.
Even if, we suppose that HADRAT ALI (Rd) was born in KABA, what elegance does
it confer. It was temple of idols at that time, although its name was KABA. This is nothing to
be proud of. Rather it is a sort of shamelessness that a woman should go among the people for
delivery. What ever might have been the condition of KABA at that time, all the people of
MAKKAH, used to sit there and hold congregations.
Were the honors of Companionship, Migration, Jihad etc., not enough for HADRAT
ALI (Rd), that such absurd stories were invented for him. But, had they not been invented the
SABAEES could not have made him IMAM-UL-AULIA, and raise conflicts on the basis of
WILAYAT. They could also not have made FATIMA, the leader of women (SYEDAT-UNNISA)
and prove revelation on her, and how this rigmarole could come into being.
We have no complaint against others, they do not belong to us. We lament on those
who call themselves SUNNIES and project Shiate Myths. They participate in their
congregations and praise them.

All these are farce and SABAEE stories. Only one person was born in KABA, named
HAKEEM BIN HIZAM. He was two years elder to the PROPHET (S.A.). He was impressed
by ZAID BIN AMAR BIN NUFAIL and so was hateful of idolatry from his childhood. Even
the author of AL-MOHABBAR, who was a staunch SHIA. mentions of only HAKEEM (Rd)
having born in KABA.

IMAM NOODI, says in the commentary on MUSLIM.
HAKEEM (Rd) BIN HIZAM is a Companion. One of his virtue is that he was born in
KABA. Some scholars say that none shares with him this virtue. One of his specialties is that
he spent sixty years as an infidel and sixty years as a Muslim. He died in 54 A.H.in MADINA.
This HAKEEM (Rd) BIN HIZAM was a cousin of HADRAT KHADIJA(Rd) and was
a friend of the PROPHET (S.A.) from childhood. The late SHIBLI writes in SEERAT-UN
NABI P. 167, Vol.:
"A cousin of KHADIJA(Rd) who was an honorable and moneyed person of
QURAISH was also among the close friends of the PROPHET (S.A.). The office of RIFADA,
in HARAM, was held by him. He also owned DAR-UN-NADWA".

The MAJUSIES, who devised millions of traditions in eulogy of HADRAT ALI (Rd)
and his family, which according to IMAM HAMMAD BIN ZAID, a follower of followers of
Companions (TABA TABAEEN), stand at three millions, did also perform the job of attributing
to HADRAT ALI (Rd) all that they found praise-worthy in the conduct of any Companion in
any event and projected fit.
ALLAH and his PROPHET (S.A.) conferred on HADRAT ABU BAKAR (Rd) the
title of SIDDIQ, but they attributed toward ALI (Rd), the following statement.
"I am the SIDDIQ-E-AKBAR and whosoever claims it besides me, is an infidel".
All such absurdities eclipsed the personality of HADRAT ALI (Rd), and it became
difficult to find out what was actually told by him, and what has been supposedly attributed
towards him. Thus the community was deprived of knowledge about him, and it became
difficult to ascertain his real conduct, as to what were his manners, habits, and qualities. The
MOHADDISEEN TAABAEEN (Scholars among the follower of Companions) had to give
the verdict:
"All the companions of ALI are dishonest"

And IMAM MOHAMMAD BIN SIREEN had to says, "All that has been reported
from ALI (Rd) is false".

TAABAEEN (the followers of the Companions) have given these verdicts due to these
false traditions. If one claims today to state correctly the life or traditions of HADRAT ALI
(Rd) he can not escape being immersed in this mud. Neither HADRAT ALI (Rd) is to blame
for it, nor TAABAEEN or any one else. But the entire responsibilities for it, lies, with the
SABAEES, who have mutilated the personality and qualities of HADRAT ALI (Rd) (We beg
ALLAH for protection against it).