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Are Mahdi & Messiah Coming?
By:Dr Shabbir, Florida
Date: Sunday, 26 August 2018, 6:37 pm

Are Mahdi & Messiah Coming?

Everyone seems to be waiting.

The dogma of a promised one is found almost in every religion of the world. When the Messiah of the Jews comes he will bestow upon them the everlasting kingdom. When the Messiah of the Christians shows up again, the faithful will be taken up to the heavens while the rest get annihilated at his hand. Likewise when the Meeta, Buddha II, arrives he will make Buddhism dominate all religions and turn every human being into a Mahatma. The Mithra of Zoroastrians will herald the return of the lost Maggian glory for his followers. The “Kalki Awtaar” will revive Hinduism to total victory over the rest of the world. The Tri-Thanker of Jainism will unify all human beings on earth into his religion. Then all people will become ‘Bugs Bunnies’ eating plants only. It is amazing to note that even some ancient tribes of Africa, Australia and the Americas charm themselves with this “redeemer” concept.

Let’s conceive for a moment that dozens of promised ones have appeared in the world for a final round trying to prevail over one another. Violence, wars, massive blood shed and total chaos ensue as far as our imagination can take us.