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N2Is are more XTN than XTNS
By:Dr Shabbir, Florida
Date: Saturday, 25 August 2018, 9:32 pm
In Response To: Re: In the beginning (Dr Shabbir, Florida)

JESUS DIED HERE: He was never raised to the heavens. Some priests rightly propagate:
01. Muslims believe in the virgin birth of Jesus Christ.
02. They believe in his physical miracles.
03. They say he is alive up in the heavens.
04. They also believe in his second coming.

Why don't they become Christian? Good question. Isn't it? But, are not these four dogmas non-Qur’anic fabrications of the Criminals of Islam? Aren't N2Is 90% Christian? Please see 3:45-55.

3:45 Angels said, “O Mary! God gives you the good news through a word from Him. His name would be Messiah Jesus, son of Mary, held in honor in this world and among the ones close (to Me) in the Hereafter.
3:46 He will speak to people while very young and after attaining full maturity with his faculties well intact.” [‘Kahlan’ = After attaining full maturity = After age 40. See 46:15. Saalih = Doer of good, healthy]
3:47 Mary exclaimed! “O My Lord, How shall I have a son when no man has (intimately) touched me?” He said, “Just as God creates everyone according to His laws (3:40). When God decrees a matter, it starts happening.”
[In the repressive society Mary had to keep her wedding confidential in the family]
3:48 “And God will teach him the scripture and the wisdom, the Torah and the Gospel.”
3:49 And He will be a Messenger to the Children of Israel. He will say to them, “I come to you with revelation from your Lord. If you follow me, I will raise you from dust to the heights of glory by the command of God (7:176). The blind among you will begin to see the truth. Those of you who are spotted with sin, I will heal them, and I shall grant real life to those who are just dragging on without purpose; all by God’s leave, according to His laws. I am here to establish justice and equity. I shall see to it how much you hoard in your houses and how much you spend on the community. My teachings are sufficient signs for you to believe.”
3:50 “I confirm the truth in the Torah before me, and make permissible to you some of what was forbidden. I have come with your Lord’s revelation. Be mindful of His commands and heed me.”
[The Qur’an describes denial as a ‘disease’, calls the deniers ‘deaf, dumb and blind’ in 2:18, ‘diseased of the heart’ in 2:10 and ‘dead’ in 27:80. That is why the revelation, which is the truth, is called a ‘healing’ in 41:44. Tayir = Omen = Destiny = Registration of deeds = Fleet-footed horse = Bird. 2:260, 5:110, 6:38, 7:131, 17:13, 27:16, 24:41, 27:47]
3:51 “God is my Lord and your Lord, so obey Him. That is the straight path.”
3:52 (This is what the angels had told Mary. Then Jesus was commissioned as a Prophet.) As he sensed their rejection, he called out, “Who are my supporters towards God?” The disciples said, “We are God’s supporters, we believe in God, so bear witness that we are submitters (Muslimoon).”
3:53 They said, “Our Lord! We believe in what You have revealed and we follow the Messenger. So make us live as the living witnesses to the truth.”
3:54 They (the opponents) made some plans, but so did God. God is the most Virtuous of planners. [They schemed to arrest and crucify Jesus but God assured him]
3:55 God said, “O Jesus! I will cause you to die of natural causes, will exalt you in My Sight and will clear you of the slander of the disbelievers. And I will cause those who truly follow you to dominate those who are rejecting you, until the Day of Resurrection. Eventually, all of you will return to Me. Then I will judge among you about that wherein you used to differ.” [Wafaat = Dying of natural causes. Rafa’ = Exalt = Raising in honor. Ilayya = To Me = Allegorically, in My Sight. God being Omnipresent is not confined to the heavens]

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