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A.H.L.Bayt/Namaz/Imam Mahdi
By:Gulshan Alawi, UAE
Date: Thursday, 23 August 2018, 10:49 pm

Stop spending time on playing bands about A.H.L.Bayt. They are all gone but we have living Quran and Sunnah of Rasool SAWS to follow the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Please read the Quran with eyes open and not upside down.

Quran clearly mentions 5 times prayers. You need to get some education on Scientific -Astronomical movement to understand it.

Stop loving the empty Graves but love living mankind.
Mankind is increasing in coming towards Allah and needs more space to worship Allah.
So we need to get rid off the empty Graves, unless we know for sure that the dead ones are still in the Grave being punished and suffering for their sins.
I doubt it if any of the A.H.L.Bayt members died sinners. Allahu Alim.

Though, the fake Imam Agakhan an atheist has created a wonderful escape to flee from the Grave: He has a system of cash payments for Maadan naa Chanta of forgiveness of sins - in the Kabr- for Kabr-ni- Bhid. If one can afford to pay and have this Chantaa then their sins are forgiven and they can leave the Graves.
Also compulsory every once a month in the evening of 'Chaand Raat', forgiveness of sins with cash payments conducted.

Agakhan claims to be the Imam-e Zaman so why don't you accept him as I.Z, instead of waiting for another one, who is not even mentioned in
the Quran or the Gospels/Hadiths of Rasool SAWS. Also There is no mention of Imam Mahdi to return. It is all fake news.
The only one will re-appear and return as a Just Ruler-not as a Prophet that is Messiah Jesus (AS).
We true Muslims the followers of original Islam and followers of Allah, Rasool SAWS and Quran, don't go for any Imam's hanky panky belief.

You can see in front of you how the alleged Imam-e Zaman Agakhan is misleading his slave followers to the path of Hell.


Also Imam Mahdi cannot return