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Love of Prophet's kinship
By:Aijaz (Canada)
Date: Tuesday, 21 August 2018, 12:47 pm


Quran asks the Prophet (pbuh) to declare that he does not want any return for his services of conveying message of Allah, except that the people love the near ones.

After getting this order to love in kinship and as the prophet for Muslims is near their own soul and his wives are their mothers (33:6) therefore they naturally love prophet’s kinship as well. After seeing this order in Quran, will it be permissible for people to speculate and pass judgments about Prophet’s kinship i.e his near ones, friends and relatives on the basis of history, while Quran orders are for all eternity. A most treacherous plot, Satan can devise here, is for people to segregate his kinship into good and bad people and then start revering the good people in an extreme way and start hating the rest of his kinship, or may be out-casting them from prophet’s kinship according to sectarian history books. In order to hate some of prophet’s close ones, e.g friends and relatives and even his wives, people have to give preference to history over Quran. However, beware in the Hereafter they will be judged by Quran alone. No history book will be available on the Judgment day for them to prove what they were doing was right. The link to above post explores this topic further.