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Steve Jobs, Andy Grove and Bill Gates
By:Bob Patrick, Orlando
Date: Wednesday, 15 August 2018, 1:36 am

Are you reading this on a PC? Or a Mac? Or maybe an iPhone? If it’s one of the three, you’re benefitting from the skills and strategies of three of the most influential and successful businessmen of modern times, Apple’s Steve Jobs, Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Intel’s Andy Grove.

Read on to find out what Businss Lessons we can learn from these three giants of modern technology.

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"Strategy Rules" Final Summary

Those who had founded Microsoft, Intel, as well as Apple had all created their tech empires by utilizing the exact strategies; they understood that they need to make a vision, create a plan in order to bring it to life, and then take risks, but making sure that they aren’t harming the whole company while they’re at it. As soon as their companies were doing well, they boosted their positioning way to a level much higher than their competition by sharing what they had with other businesses and then created platforms that set their items as the industry standards.

Practical advice;

Bring your vision to life by going through the steps:

If you don’t know how to bring your vision to reality then try to imagine what the road to success would be like. Begin by seeing yourself bringing your vision to life and then watch yourself move a step backward, one step each time, to see how you were able to get there in the first place.